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ISP is a not-for-profit entity. 100% of your generosity goes directly to enhance the experience of every student by preserving what is best about ISP: exceptional teachers, a challenging and responsive learning program, and unique experiences in and out of the classroom.

The generosity of our community provides vital resources that allow our students and teachers to flourish. By coming together we can continue to Inspire, Engage and Empower future generations of global citizens.

Your Support…

…allows ISP to maintain its reputation of unsurpassed education in the Czech Republic (and beyond) – and to continue to be the type of School that attracted you to it in the first place.

Financial Support

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An ISP education today includes a student body of almost 900 students from over 60 countries, over 115 Faculty members, another 90 Staff members, all situated in a custom built campus on 6.6 hectares (16.3 acres). That’s a Student to Faculty & Staff ratio of about 4:1.

Maintaining these attributes is not inexpensive, so it is only through the benevolence of our donors that ISP can continue to offer its unique form of education while keeping tuition costs reasonable and providing Scholarships.

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Donations may support particular programs (such as robotics and mountain biking), financial aid and scholarships, and the overall level of education without increasing the cost of tuition (which could put an ISP education out of the reach of many of our families).

Understanding the impact that ISP students have in the world shows philanthropists that their gifts are put to excellent use at the School. Giving to ISP has become a tradition for all our family members – without your participation, ISP could not continue to be the same School that attracted you to it in the first place.

We hope that you will respond with understanding, enthusiasm, and generosity when asked to support ISP.

  • 900 Students
  • 60 Countries
  • 115 Faculty members
  • 90 Staff members
  • 9.9 hectares of campus


Volunteering doesn’t just make a difference at ISP, it makes all the difference.

From the Board of Trustees, to the School Community Association, to the Alumni Council and the Annual Fund Committee, volunteers make up the foundation of ISP.

Board of Trustees

ISP is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees; these key volunteers are responsible for the overall direction of the School, and for hiring the Director. They receive no financial benefit whatsoever for their commitment.

SCA, Alumni Council, Annual Fund… and more

No less important are those who serve on the Board of the School Community Association, the Alumni Council, the Annual Fund Committee, or any other of the important groups that make ISP what it is – their efforts create lifelong memories for all of our constituents.

Become a volunteer!

Would you like to volunteer in some capacity? Please don’t hold back – take a first step by contacting the Advancement office ( to learn more about the different ways you can volunteer at ISP.

The ISP Scholarship Program

The ISP Scholarship Program provides transformational opportunities to local Czech and other students of outstanding promise and potential to experience a unique ISP education. These young people are selected, not only based on their academic ability but also their attitude and potential to contribute to the continued development of the ISP community.

Since the inception of the ISP Scholarship Program 21 years ago, 28 locally based students have benefited from receiving ISP scholarships. The majority of our scholars join ISP in Grade 9 and they not only add to the socioeconomic diversity in our school but also bring vitality and excellence to our community. 

Moreover, ISP graduates are keenly sought by many of the world’s highly selective colleges and universities. All our scholars continue their education and go to university on another scholarship.

There are two ways to support the Scholarship Program for your consideration – Supporting the ISP Scholarship Endowment Fund and Creating your Own Scholarship.

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Supporting the ISP Scholarship Endowment Fund

The ISP Scholarship Endowment Fund awards one scholarship for a student (like Lucie, left, Class of 2006) to join ISP every year in Grade 9. This is a collectively funded scholarship and based on your giving level you can enjoy a number of recognition benefits. 

 Night at the….” is the highlight of the ISP social calendar and an important fundraiser for the ISP Scholarship Program. Donors are recognized at the event in numerous ways through all forms of communication with ISP parents and other attendees, at the event itself through roll-ups banners, the commemorative programme and other publicity. 


Creating your Own Scholarship

This will allow the opportunity for one new scholar (like Vahe, right, Class of 2016) to join ISP. Tailored donor stewardship, including scholar introduction, Impact Reports as well as a personal update from your scholar and an invitation to their Graduation ceremony. You will also automatically join the prestigious ISP Comenius Society.


Your partnership with ISP

Donating to create or support new scholarship positions, will provide an incredible opportunity not only for scholars (like Tereza, left, Class of 2010 and graduate of the University of Cambridge) but also for the ISP community as a whole.  It will provide inspiration for others to join you and to start the journey towards our aspiration of having over 10% of ISP graduates being scholars. 

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Scholarship Impact Stories

Our scholars typically go on to achieve special things around the world. Scholarship recipients (like Victoria, right, Class of 2017) embody the ISP Mission of who go into the world truly living the ISP Mission, leading “healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful lives” as they “adapt and contribute responsibly to our changing world”. Read just a few examples of the post-ISP achievements of our Scholars and how an ISP Scholarship changed their lives: 


Corporate Scholarship Donors

We are grateful to our ISP Scholarship Program Corporate Sponsors, who provide transformational opportunities for deserving local students (like Honza, left, Class of 2019).

Shane Ryan, Global Executive Director at the Avast Foundation said – “A solid educational foundation enables students not only to dream big but also prepare them to achieve their goals and reach even higher! We know that curiosity, talent, and the desire to change the world aren’t limited to those from privileged backgrounds. Avast is proud to sponsor exceptional students who otherwise might not be able to access an ISP education”.

The Annual Fund

Collective support through the ISP Annual Fund continues to enrich ISP’s transformational learning experience in the classroom and beyond.

Your annual fund donations help ISP go the "extra mile" with unique programs and exceptional resources. The Annual Fund elevates ISP to the level of excellence that tuition alone cannot provide. It touches every part of the school, including academic and after school programs, digital learning, technology, fine arts, sports, and facilities.

Together, we can Inspire, Engage and Empower future generations of global citizens.

Impact of the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund has contributed towards the following programs in 2020-21:

  1. Establishing a dedicated Elementary School Outdoor Learning Coordinator
  2. Sprinkling a touch of magic and a love of reading through “Book Fairies”
  3. Bringing musical beauty to the Landau Theatre: a new grand piano
  4. Helping create a true learning community: the Edge in Education series
  5. Encouraging tech innovation from 8 to 18: FalconTech Robotics
  6. The ISP Biking Program: Learning on two wheels
  7. Visiting professional musicians


How to give

Thank you for considering making a gift to ISP, we are so grateful for your support to fulfil our mission to Inspire, Engage and Empower future generations of global citizens.


You can make your gift either in Czech or US currency:

Company matching

Many employers offer matching gift programs that can increase the impact of your donation. To find out if your company currently matches charitable gifts, please check with your company’s HR office.

Talk to us

We would be delighted to speak with you about how your support can make a difference at ISP. Please contact Monica Stanciu, Advancement Director at +420 607 251 119 or for more information.

FAQs About The Annual Fund

Endowed Funds

An Endowed Fund is an investment in the future of ISP.

Endowed Funds are established by a donor to support a general or specific program at the School; for example, a donor who wishes to support the sciences at ISP may establish a fund to support the salary of a science teacher. Or, a donor might wish to see a specific sport being taught, in which case he/she might establish a fund to support the purchase of equipment necessary for that sport.

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The goal with an Endowed Fund

The goal with an Endowed Fund is to provide the support in perpetuity. Generally, therefore, a substantial gift is made (either in a lump sum or over the course of several years), and that amount is invested with the School’s Endowment. Generally (but based on the wishes of the donor), only the income from that invested gift is used.

If you would like to discuss your idea for an Endowed Fund, please contact the Advancement Office – we would be honored to talk about any of your ideas for supporting ISP.


If you would like to discuss your idea for an Endowed Fund, please contact the Advancement Office – we would be honored to talk about any of your ideas for supporting ISP.