Elementary School

Primary age children learn through their investigative and creative powers, flourishing as geographers, historians, scientists, readers, writers and mathematicians when curiosity drives their learning.

Our highly qualified and experienced educators leverage this curiosity through thoughtfully designed authentic learning experiences.

Children thrive in our contemporary and spacious classrooms, engaging outdoor learning spaces, and the beautiful nature reserve on our doorstep.

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Matthew Woodward Elementary Principal
Laura Jo Evans
Laura Jo Evans Elementary Co-Principal

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Grade 1 Writer’s Workshop

Learning to Love and Live with Nature in the Elementary School

Elementary Empowerment, Student Council

Learning program

Elementary classes at ISP are rooted in inquiry and nurture learners’ curiosity. Students develop key knowledge, skills and understandings in Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in their homeroom classes. Students also develop their competencies in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Design and Language Acquisition with specialists outside of their homeroom class. Students also work with specialists in the areas of ICT, Library and Outdoor Learning.


The IB Approaches to Learning skills (ATL) are grounded in the belief that learning how to
learn is fundamental to a student’s life inside and outside of a school context.
All of the IB programmes support learners in developing: Thinking skills, Communication skills, Research skills, Self-management skills, Social skills.

The Approaches to Learning and associated sub-skills support students of all ages in being agentic and self-regulated learners. Through a variety of strategies, PYP teachers collaboratively plan for implicit and explicit opportunities to develop ATL skills, both inside and outside the programme of inquiry.

Given ISP has students arriving from around the world with varied educational and life experiences, we have several departments to support learners as needed.

“My favorite memory at ISP was in 1st grade when I had my own caterpillar and I watched it turn into a butterfly. We learned about the whole process in the transformation.”

Photo of — Amos, Student
— Amos, Student

“My twelve years at ISP have taught me everything I know and I could wish for. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than an education that empowers me to feel so confident going into the real world.”

Photo of — Rana, Student
— Rana, Student

“Not only are students engaged in profound learning, but they are making a positive contribution to the world around them. In Grade 4, one of our units of inquiry is centered around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As compassionate changemakers, the students write persuasive essays as speeches to collect donations for a chosen organization.”

Photo of — Janna Gibson, ES Teacher
— Janna Gibson, ES Teacher

“I have two kids at the ISP; one is more artistic the other is more scientific. The way the ISP educates allows them to learn through their interests. If they are inquiring about forest wildlife, for instance, one will spend time observing and drawing, and the other will experiment with the different materials. Both will have meaningful learning in a way that will keep them curious and engaged.”

Photo of — Yuval Ben Itzhak, Parent
— Yuval Ben Itzhak, Parent