TEDx Talks at ISP

TEDx creates unique opportunities for many people within the ISP community to work together, and to support the development of curious, competent, compassionate changemakers.

  • Over 70 original TEDx talks and performances
  • Over 700 000 views on the official TEDx YouTube Channel
  • ISP Upper School Students are the driving force

What is TEDxYouth@ISPrague?

In the spirit of TED’s mission to research and discover “ideas worth spreading”, TEDx was created to share a TED-like experience for local communities around the globe. 

The driving force behind TEDx at ISP continues to be passionate Upper School students, with some ISP alumni, teachers and outside experts. TEDx at ISP also includes recorded TED Talks, and is organized independently under a free license granted by TED.

Since 2015, ISP Upper School students have produced unique TEDx events with:

  • auditions being held in the spring by the curating team
  • speakers developing their talks over the summer
  • production teams organizing the live event in the autumn
  • video team editing the talks by the winter break

We also invite you to suggest new ideas and possible speakers for our future events – maybe even you! Usually speakers are selected each spring and our live event is held in the autumn. Just contact the ISP Advancement Office and they’ll put you in touch with our current TEDx team.

Check out the huge range of inspiring ideas on YouTube using our official event name: TEDxYouth@ISPrague, or see a few of them below!