Upper School

Upper School students learn to think critically, creatively and deeply within and across disciplines while taking on authentic and real world challenges.

Highly qualified and experienced IB Diploma educators guide young adults in gaining expertise in their areas of interest, as they prepare for university and purposeful lives.

Dr. Eric Sturm Upper School Principal

Video stories

ISP Senior Showcase 2021/22

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Learning program

ISP has an articulated PK-12 curriculum, rooted in inquiry, where learners are involved in posing and investigating questions. Our learning program develops students’ potential that enables them to be successful at ISP, as well as in their educational and professional pursuits in the future.

Grades 11 and 12 are IB Diploma years. Students take a mixture of courses that they select (see International Baccalaureate Diploma Program requirements). In addition, those who aren’t doing the full IB Diploma Program have a wide variety of electives from which they can choose. The 2021-2022 Upper School Profile gives more information about courses, and students’ achievement.

ISP students consistently score well above world averages in IB Diploma Scores. Special congratulations to the ISP Class of 2020! 97% of ISP Candidates gained the International Baccalaureate with an average diploma points score of 35 and exam score of 5.50. These scores were particularly commendable given the challenging circumstances the class faced with a background of a global pandemic. More details of the results and those of previous years are available here. Details of the University Destinations of ISP graduates can be viewed here.

Grade 9 and 10

Support Areas

Given ISP has students arriving from around the world with varied educational and life experiences, we have four departments to support learners as needed.

After School Activities and Clubs

Upper School students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of performing arts events and athletic activities throughout the year. They can gain life-changing experiences such as International Award (previously Duke of Edinburgh Award) or joining the Model United Nations Club.

In addition to numerous sports clubs, Upper School students can also explore passions as varied as the Drama Production, Modern Dance and Media Correspondent Club.


A full host of academic and elective courses offer students a challenging program while also providing opportunities to stretch themselves by exploring interests in a variety of special areas.

Students earn the ISP diploma by acquiring the requisite credits in various curriculum areas, and they may also pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The Upper School profile gives more information about courses, students and achievements.


Members of the ISP Upper School faculty are dedicated specialists, the majority of whom have Masters or higher degrees in their fields of expertise.

Meeting the needs of individual students is recognized as a priority by the staff who place paramount importance on the development of social and academic skills. There tends to be a close student-teacher relationship, an aspect cited by many Alumni as key to their success at school and beyond.


ISP Faculty constantly evaluate and refine the curriculum to ensure that it is well articulated and coordinated from grade level to grade level, so that students are well prepared to handle an increasingly rigorous course load.