ERASMUS Exchange Students at ISP: A Language and Cultural Experience for All 

Read this inspiring learning story that showcases the successful exchange programme between Benejuzar School in Alicante, Spain, and Upper School students at ISP. Thanks to the support of Erasmus, 10 Spanish exchange students were warmly welcomed into the classrooms and homes of our ISP community, creating an unforgettable cultural experience for all involved.

As ISP shifts to become a full IB Continuum school, we seek new opportunities to deepen our commitment to multilingualism and international mindedness, two pillars of the International Baccalaureate programme. To further this commitment, we recently launched a language and cultural exchange with a school in Spain, the Benejuzar School. As part of their ERASMUS grant, we were delighted to pilot our first exchange last week, resulting in an amazing language and cultural learning experience for all.

The Spanish group of 10 Upper School students and two teachers traveled from sunny Alicante to Prague on Sunday, 26 March, where their host families greeted them at the airport. Sunday afternoon, the Spanish students took a guided walking tour of Prague to see some of the city’s impressive landmarks. When the day was over, they returned to their host families, tired, wet, and cold, and enjoyed a cozy evening playing games, sharing stories and getting to know each other. 

The exchange with ISP was an amazing opportunity for our Spanish students to develop communication skills, experience international families, a perspective on what it’s like to live abroad and see new ways of teaching and learning.

Benejuzar teacher

On Monday morning, it snowed! What a lovely surprise for our guests, as for some, this was their first time seeing snow coming down! The first morning at ISP was rated as “amazing,” and the students remarked how different the ISP learning experience is from their school.

Thanks to the excellent care from our ISP host students, the Spanish students immediately felt welcomed, and some of them even joined in on a volleyball game during their free block. In the afternoon, they enjoyed a guided tour of our beautiful Prague castle.

Tuesday’s “Stretch Day” was another hit with the Spanish students who joined IB DP science projects, maths and bowling, followed by free time strolling around the city. They were excited to find the narrowest street in Prague and admire the famous Lennon wall.

On Wednesday, our guests had an all-day guided tour of Karlovy Vary and an evening with their host families.

Thursday was a full day of learning at ISP with Math, TOK (Theory of Knowledge), English and Spanish classes. In the evening, they embarked on a guided walking tour, discovering the mysteries and legends of Prague while learning about classic Czech tales and exploring the iconic streets at nightfall. Despite the heavy rains, thunder, and hail, the weather only added to the mystique of the evening!

Finally, at the last dinner at Pizza Nuova, our exchange students and ISP students mixed together, enjoying each other’s company and reflecting on the fantastic week they shared. 

The week went by quickly, and on Friday morning, we all had to say goodbye. It was clear that these students created deep bonds with each other in such a short time.

“In Prague and at ISP, I learned about diversity, freedom and inclusion, and that there is a place for everyone. People can create important relationships in just a few days… you don’t have to be with your family to feel at home.”

Benejuzar student

“It has been one of the best experiences of my life, it was incredible and unforgettable.”

Benejuzar student

Our host students have been invited to visit their Spanish friends in Benejuzar. We hope that some of them are able to take further advantage of this linguistic and cultural exchange. 

We are so grateful to our ISP host families, teachers, and students who made our Spanish students and teachers feel so welcome in Prague. Big thanks to our visitors from  Benejuzar School! We learned so much from you and look forward to continuing this relationship and exchange programme.