ISP Mission: We Inspire, Engage, and Empower all learners to be

Curious –  Competent – Compassionate – Changemakers.

Welcome to ISP!

International School of Prague is an international, progressive and innovative school that serves learners from all over the globe. Our mission is to Inspire, Engage and Empower all learners and is realised through our compelling student profile, where our students are Curious, Competent, Compassionate Changemakers. Changemaking is at the core of who we are and what we do. 

We are proud of the engagement of our internationally diverse community as we participate in the life of Central Europe. Working and living in Prague is an absolute pleasure as we consider the region’s tremendous history, culture and progress.

Those who join the International School of Prague don’t just see this as a school; they see it as their family, the centre of their relationships and their own personal community. We have graduates who have attended great universities and are in influential professional positions all over the globe. ISP is a place where we embrace every child for who they are, and who they will become.

We are proud of our holistic educational process where students’ curiosity and competencies are nurtured, and they can express themselves in the fullness of who they are.

Programmatically, the International School of Prague subscribes to the International Baccalaureate curriculum, having been a Diploma Programme school for over 25 years and now authorised as a CP (Career-related Programme) School.  We are in the final stages of authorisation to become an IB Full Continuum School, adding the PYP  (Primary Years Programme) for ECF – Grade 5 and the MYP (Middle Years Programme) for Grades 6-10

The IB framework aligns with our values and provides a transferable and highly rigorous programme of study that our students will use no matter where they continue their education.

We invite all interested parents, educators and students to visit us at the International School of Prague. Whether you are on vacation, simply want to see a great school in action, or possibly thinking about relocating to the Czech Republic, we would love to host you and show you what our school is so proud of. Please join us!

Dr. Chip Kimball

ISP Director

Please see our welcome video to learn more about the International School of Prague.

ISP Mission in Action

ISP Senior Showcase 2021/22

The Weaving Giant: made by little artists

Sketch Noting – How Grade 5 students use sketch noting as a tool

IB Full Continuum at ISP

ISP provides the tools that enable all students to confidently navigate through this ever-changing world. I see the importance of the ISP Mission empowering my two Elementary students and as a voluntary Student Community Association Board member.

Photo of - Melanie Buff,
– Melanie Buff, Early Childhood and Elementary Parent

To me, the ISP Mission is the driving force behind the enthusiasm, passion and curiosity creating a first-class learning environment in our school, brought to to life every day by the whole community.

Photo of - Susanna Bäckman,
– Susanna Bäckman, Upper School Parent and ISP Board Trustee

I’ve been at ISP practically my whole life since I was four years old, it is more than a school for me and it lives its mission. It is a special community and for me, a second home.

Photo of Albert Čečetka,
Albert Čečetka, ISP Alumnus, Class of 2020

ISP is all about inspiring and empowering students like me to become their best selves. I am challenged to follow through and attain my dreams by being engaged with learning, people and the environment around me.

Photo of - Alex,
– Alex, Upper School Student

Everyone in our community contributes to the ISP mission through sports, service or other extracurricular activities. Anyone who joins us leaves with more knowledge, personal balance, integrity, compassion, global responsibility and is on the path to becoming a true cosmopolitan citizen.

Photo of - Sandra Malinova,
– Sandra Malinova, Activities Associate

ISP for me is a place where immersive and rich learning spaces are curated by teachers to allow learners to feel a sense of safety and belonging, while having voice and choice in their learning.

Photo of - Samira Bello,
– Samira Bello, Early Childhood Educator