Dining Services

The ISP Dining Hall is operated by Fresh & Tasty (part of the Zátiší Group, a well-known restaurant and catering company in Prague). ISP is the only international school in Prague with a purpose built commercial kitchen providing daily meals prepared on-site for all its students. ISP’s caterer prepares food in the ISP kitchen which are then delivered to several other schools in Prague.

Children ready for cooking

Healthy Snacks

Students in Early Childhood Foundations 3-4 through Grade 5 should bring a healthy snack to school to have mid-morning or take advantage of the cafeteria services and choose from the selection of healthy snacks available.

ISP Cafeteria


For lunch, Children in Early Childhood Foundations 3-5 and Grade 1 eat in their classrooms. Students from Grades 2 to 5 dine in the Dining Hall. They may bring food from home or they can take advantage of the cafeteria service.

ISP food festival


In addition to the variety of hot lunches and salad bar offered, the ISP Cafeteria remains open to all Middle and Upper School students throughout the day for snacks.