Early Childhood Foundations

Young children grow their ideas through play, observation, questions, and conversations.

Our highly qualified and expert educators leverage a child’s natural curiosity to nurture budding geographers, anthropologists, scientists, readers, writers, and mathematicians.

Children learn in Reggio-inspired classrooms, as well as diverse outdoor learning spaces, and the beautiful nature reserve on our doorstep.

ISP’s Early Childhood Foundations welcomes children from the age of 2 years 6 months.

Dr. Cindy Gause-Vega Elementary Principal
Zalba Jimena
Dr. Jimena Zalba Elementary Co-Principal

Welcome to ISP Early Childhood Foundations

We believe that each child is a unique individual, capable, curious and full of rich potential. We also believe that extraordinary things happen when children, educators and families come together to build a learning community. 

Inspired by the experience and philosophy of schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy, as well as our own international context, our approach in Early Childhood Foundations means children and adults collaborate as researchers, thinkers and communicators. 

We look after each other as colleagues, neighbours and friends. We value these early years of school as a unique and wonderful stage in each child’s development and we also know that by doing so we build the strongest foundations for lifelong learning.

Video stories

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Learning program

ISP has an articulated PK-12 curriculum, rooted in inquiry, where learners are involved in posing and investigating questions. Our learning program develops students’ potential that enables them to be successful at ISP, and in their educational and professional pursuits in the future. 

Support Areas

Given ISP has students arriving from around the world with varied educational and life experiences, we have four departments to support learners as needed. 


ISP’s Early Childhood Foundations provides a nurturing, creative and stimulating environment for young learners, where they experience control over the direction of their learning. Creating spaces for sensory experiences through touching, moving, listening and observing are fundamental to the approach to learning cultivated in ISP’s ECF.


The ECF years (ages 2.6 to 5) are the first steps along the path of creating a lifelong love of learning.

The ISP approach is centred on Reggio-Emilia principles, in which children have opportunities to explore and express themselves.


Activities are organised in ECF to nurture a love of reading and literature. Inquiries based on mathematics, science, social studies, visual & performing arts, and physical education, act as a coherent pathway to First Grade.