Students at ISP may spend as little as one year or their entire pre-college career at the School. No matter: each person who ever attended ISP is one of our Alumni.

All ISP Alumni are automatically members of the ISP Alumni Association. Alumni activities are overseen by the ISP Alumni Council, which meets on a bi-monthly basis.

The ISP Advancement Office is delighted to help arrange visits or informal reunions.

ISP Alumni Reunions

Prague-based Alumni hold get-togethers on a bi-monthly basis. An annual all-years Alumni Reunion takes place each year in the spring at the ISP campus. This event will celebrate ISP’s 70th Anniversary on 15 June 2019.

2019 also sees London and New York Alumni get-togethers on Friday 8 February and Friday 17 May respectively. For full details and to reserve your space at any of these reunions please visit this page.

Please join the ISP mailing list at

Facebook users can also keep up to date with news at the Alumni Facebook page.

Share your memories

In 2018-19, the School celebrates its 70th Anniversary; we welcome any photos, objects, stories or memories that Alumni might like to share with the community.

During its move in 1996 from the various campuses around Prague to the custom built campus in Nebušice, ISP lost almost all our heritage material – all photos, books and paintings. The school, therefore, appreciates any assistance Alumni are able to provide to rebuild a lost part of ISP’s history.

Having said that, we do have yearbooks going back to 1990. Please get in touch with the ISP Advancement Office for more information or to share your memories.