Students at ISP may spend one year or their entire pre-college career at the school. Each person who ever ISP is automatically one of our Alumni and all are automatically one of our Alumni and all members of the ISP Alumni Association.

Alumni activities are overseen by the ISP Advancement Office. Please register here on our Alumni database. When registering please share the news of your life with us: what you are doing; where you are living; major life events; fondest memories of your days in Nebušice! All of these make for great stories for our print and online publications and social media channels. Photos are strongly encouraged!

ISP Alumni Reunions

An annual all-years’ Alumni Reunion is scheduled each year in the spring at the ISP campus and in recent years we have held Alumni events in London and New York. These are on hold for now but we look forward to welcoming Alumni back to Nebušice and seeing you elsewhere when the situation allows!

The most recent London ISP all years reunion.

Alumni Stories

Share your memories

We welcome any photos, objects, stories or memories that Alumni might like to share with the community.

During its move in 1996 from the various campuses around Prague to the custom-built campus in Nebušice, ISP lost almost all our heritage material – all photos, books and paintings. The school, therefore, appreciates any assistance Alumni are able to provide to rebuild a lost part of ISP’s history.

Having said that, we do have yearbooks going back to 1990. Please get in touch with the ISP Advancement Office for more information or to share your memories.