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A Scholarship Story: From ISP to Cambridge

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We’ve recently caught up with Bety Pechacova, Class of 2021 and ISP Scholarship recipient, to hear an update on her studies at university, her passion for physics, and the educational journey at ISP that supported her transition from ISP to Cambridge.

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Hi Bety! Thank you for sharing your story with us – we are excited to hear an update on how university is going! How long have you been at Cambridge, and what are you studying?

I am majoring in the Natural Sciences Tripos (study course) at the University of Cambridge for the breadth of knowledge it provides in the sciences. Over the last two years, I have taken Chemistry and Physics, and though I enjoy Chemistry, I have decided to continue pursuing Physics. This year I am also taking a class on environmental modeling, which has been great. 

In the summer, I interned in the Netherlands and worked on simulations of floating plastic around the Galapagos Islands. It was fascinating, and actually, that’s where I see myself going right now: climate research or ocean physics.

While I knew very little about those fields a few years ago, they lie at the intersection of two things I enjoy and care deeply about: physics and the environment. I’m also very passionate about education, so I hope I can continue activities related to teaching as well. 

I’m still just in my 2nd year of university, so my plans can (and probably will) change with time.  I’m excited and curious to see where I end up a few years from now!

What are you enjoying most about the university and why?

The greatest part of University, by far, is the people I meet. The community of students and professors here is amazing! It’s exciting to talk with the professors about their work and experience, even casually in between supervisions or at practicals. I am also a part of a science society this year, for which we invite speakers from other universities and research institutes. It’s a privilege to be part of this society at Cambridge because many impressive people are happy to come here;  I have been fortunate to attend some incredible presentations and dinners with these distinguished guests.

It’s easy to get used to all the amazing things that are a part of the Cambridge experience, and whenever I take a step back and think about all that I get to do and learn, I feel incredibly grateful to be here and especially thankful for the journey at ISP that helped me get to Cambridge.

Was there something or someone at ISP that stimulated your interest in what you are studying or your career plans?

Many teachers at ISP inspired me to pursue a degree in science, and in general, many teachers encouraged me along the way. I think of them very often.

Whether related to science, organizing TEDx, helping with admissions, or other life lessons and experiences, I will never forget the dedication and care of ISP teachers.

What did you learn at ISP that is making an impact in your experience now or in how you approach life/education?

At ISP, I learned to look at things holistically and think more about what I’m learning, how, and why I’m learning it. I also developed my ability to  formulate and present my thoughts more clearly.

The friendly and supportive environment at ISP also increased my confidence, as well as my ambitions and dreams for my future.

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