ISP Learning Innovation Hub

Much more than a library, the Hub is a contemporary environment pointing to the future of learning. At the centre of our campus, the Hub will inspire ISP learners to not only read and research but also to design, collaborate, innovate and create for years to come.

Funded through the generosity of Kellner and Křetínský Families

At ISP, we believe that learning is a transformational process that ultimately changes who we are. With its contemporary design, combining the best elements of the traditional library, multiple collaborative and quiet spaces, and a state of the art Idea Lab, the ISP Learning Innovation Hub points to the future of learning and reflects our school’s reputation as a leader in international education.

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Dr. Arnie Bieber Former ISP Director
Mr. Daniel Křetínský ISP parent and donor
As ISP parents, we are delighted to support this magnificent transformation of the library space into the ISP Learning Innovation Hub, which provides a learning environment fit to the 21st century, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.
Elizabeth Perry, Ph.D. Technology and Innovation Coach
When I think of ISP’s mission, to inspire and engage and empower – that’s the Idea Lab. We want to be a space that encourages people to learn with their hands and hearts, as well as with their minds. Whether you are an eight-year-old sewing a scary monster puppet or an eighteen-year-old modeling a new kind of centrifuge, with the new Idea Lab we have the space to help you realize your dreams.