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The Scholarship Program at ISP is partially funded through donations to the School from parents, corporations, Alumni, and others.

The goal of the program is to make the ISP educational experience available to a diverse range of students. These scholarships are based not only on financial need, but also merit. ISP actively seeks excellent students who will benefit from an ISP education, and who will be an asset to the ISP community of learners.


ISP Scholarships are available to Czech citizens and other residents of the Czech Republic. Currently, scholarships are only granted to students in the Middle and Upper School (Grades 6-12).

Preference is given to students who begin their ISP career in 6th Grade, although admission in later years is also considered.

In addition to fulfilling the normal requirements for admission to ISP, an applicant who wishes to be considered for a Scholarship must demonstrate:

  • An excellent academic record (a special talent outside of academics is highly desirable);
  • A strong command of the English language (written and verbal);
  • A desire to enroll in the full International Baccalaureate program;
  • An openness to consider enrolling in a University (after graduation from ISP) which is outside of the Czech Republic and where English in the language of instruction;
  • An strong desire to obtain an education in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Good citizenship and exceptional character.

Scholarship Application Process

Scholarship applicants must firstly go through the regular application process like any other applicant to the Middle and Upper School. The school application process is completed entirely online. The deadline for submitting applications is February 28. Applications can be started here.

Applications are considered complete once we have received all of the supporting documents listed below. Please upload all required documents into the online Admission Portal.

  • A photo of the student
  • The application form (completed online)
  • A scan of the page of the student’s passport showing birth and expiration date, or a scan of the student’s Birth Certificate.
  • A scan of the personal information page(s) of the Passport (or ID card) for both parents or guardians
  • Official school records for the last two years in English, or officially translated into English. You will be asked to upload scans of all educational, psychological, speech, and language assessments that you may have (including an Individual Educational Plan, if applicable). If the school year has not yet been completed, please upload scans of mid-term or most recent grades
  • Two Teacher Confidential Recommendations from the current teacher of Math and English (the recommendation forms are emailed to your teachers, who then complete the forms online)
  • Learning Support Reference Form completed by the school counselor or director.
  • A Writing Assessment completed by the student – an essay.
  • The completed Student Health Form – this form must be completed and signed by your physician.
  • Two recommendations from non-relatives, one academic and the other personal.
  • Documentation regarding the applicant family’s financial status. (Please submit printed documents to the Admission Office in person).
    (1) the last three years of their national income tax returns;
    (2) detailed bank statements for the past three months showing bank transactions on all bank accounts (self or joint) over which the applicants have signing authority;
    (3) a list of all other assets owned by either/both parental applicants, and their current valuation.

The ISP Scholarship Committee is composed of the Middle or Upper School’s Principal & Counselors, the International Baccalaureate Coordinator, an Middle or Upper School Faculty member, and the Director of School. Following a positive review of the application by this Committee, prospective students are asked to take an English language and Math tests. After successful completion of this step, the members of the Committee interview candidates. Parents are welcome to attend these interviews.

Based on the financial situation of the family, successful applicants receive a Scholarship offer, which can include the cost of many athletic and cultural trips, and the costs of tests for college admission, such as; PSAT, SAT, SAT Prep Course and IB.

Scholarship students are expected to maintain satisfactory grades and to adhere to the behavioral guidelines of ISP.

For further information contact the ISP Admissions Office.