Stretching time, minds, and capacity

ES Peace Day and MS / US Stretch Days

Curiosity and compassion are key dispositions nurtured through varied exposure to learning engagements in order to become part of who we are.

These dispositions, coupled with students’ competencies (set of skills) and deep conceptual understanding, empower learners to contribute positively to the world as a changemaker. These aims are aligned with the missions of both ISP and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Efforts to nurture the key knowledge, skills and dispositions of our Mission were evidenced this week in the Elementary school, as they observed International Peace Day, and in the Middle and Upper School, during their stretch days. Please read on to get a glimpse of how educators are stretching time, minds and learners’ capacity as Changemakers. 

Stretching time permits us to inspire, engage and empower learners outside of the ISP bubble and connect with the community. 

Stretching our minds pushes us to empathise with, and make sense of, different perspectives. 

Stretching our capacity to make change means repeated opportunities to hone our skills, both in discrete disciplines as well as across disciplines.


Gr 7 (MYP) Art & Science Interdisicplinary Unit

Grade 7 launched an Art & Science Interdisciplinary unit called healthy ecosystems. Science and art are a natural pairing as close observations are fundamental to both disciplines. This unit started with a video provocation to  inspire students to connect with both the visual and scientific beauty of forest ecosystems.  Students then ventured into the DIvorka Sarka nature reserve to begin their inquiry into healthy ecosystems by collecting samples and capturing their observations through art.

US IB Diplomma (DP) English courses

In Grade 11,  IBDP students can either take a Language & Literature course or a Literature course. For Stretch day, the Language & Literature students visited the “World of Banksy” exhibition in Prague, a great opportunity as they will soon begin a unit on Brandalism, Banksy and how to communicate visually as a changemaker. Please see what last year’s students did in this learning story.

Literature students ‘evaluated’ the English Shakespeare & Sons bookstore before heading to Kampa Island to visit Lennon Wall as a reference to Stoppard’s play ‘Rock n Roll’.


Extended time allows our advanced IB learners to go deeper with their learning through required IBDP projects, tackling complex problems and conducting science experiments.



As part of our shift to the full IB Continuum, students are engaged in design thinking and changemaker projects. Grade 8 students were introduced to the MYP Community Project on Wednesday and Grade 10 students to the MYP Personal Project on Friday.

Grade 9 students had a Design Thinking session led by Dr. Perry, and the other Design teachers, which culminated in suggested solutions to problems here at ISP.  These student driven solutions have now been shared with Dr. Kimball and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT.)

The world has always needed Curious, Competent, Compassionate Changemakers. At ISP we believe that practicing to  become a positive changemaker can start from a young age. We will continue to share our efforts in this area as we strive towards the actualising the mission and aims of both ISP and the IB.