Grade 5 Exhibition 2022

Curious, Competent, Compassionate Changemakers

Our mission focuses on all students being compassionate, competent, curious changemakers.  As changemakers, we take action to contribute responsibly to a more peaceful and sustainable world for all. We want to ensure that our students develop the skills, understandings, and commitment to become positive changemakers. 

This year, the Grade 5 team organized the culminating project around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they’ve been focusing on during their units of inquiry this year. The teaching team felt that focusing on the UN SDGs, students went deeper with their research and understanding of these important world issues, which then resulted in more relevant and viable solutions.

Last week, Grade 5 students were very excited to have the opportunity to share how they were curious, competent, and compassionate changemakers. Framing their inquiry using the United Nations sustainable goals , they showcased their personal growth during the 2022 Exhibition in the Landau Theatre. They were delighted to have members of our  supportive community join them to provide them with opportunities to share, reflect and go deeper in their understanding. This has been a memorable culminating project that celebrates all their learning in the Elementary School. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support! 

Mr. John Simon Estellar, Grade 5 Team Leader

Grade 5 students shared their learning journey and insights with each other, their parents, and students from across the school, sparking curiosity and sharing thought ideas for change with others from across the community.

For those who were not onsite, please take a look at this student made video that captures the set-up in the Landau and the wide variety of projects.

As a follow up to their sharing this week, Grade 5 students reflected on their Exhibition during online individual discussion forums and answered questions from the community on the Exhibition process. They also shared their process journals, presentations, and actions using videos linked via Thinglinks. This recorded evidence will document their progress and clearly show how their understanding of the issues they inquired into have continued to develop.

Here are some of the  central ideas:

Kamron, Juraj and Vanya:

People are using a lot of fossil fuels that get released into the air and impact the climate.Cars are useful but are bad for the environment.

Daniil, Kika and Yaman:

We need to encourage plane manufacturers to develop planes that use affordable and clean energy.
Architects need to plan buildings that use renewable solar energy.
We need to build less but better with less resources and less old houses we get more newer ones.

JJ, Sasa, Aiden and Ben:

We can make helpful apps that help everyone have good healthcare to help them no matter how much money they have.
Animal interactions are beneficial for people’s good health and well being.
We need to encourage the UFC to give health insurance to fighters.
We should encourage running to promote good health and well being.

As we shift to the full IB Continuum, students will be involved in Capstone Projects in Grades 5, 8, and 10. These culminating projects will develop the lifelong skills of research, critical thinking, communication and project management, key competencies to becoming powerful changemakers.

Anyone can be a changemaker with a set of key skills, passion and a willingness to work hard. We invite everyone in our community to join us in these efforts to take action to contribute responsibly to a more peaceful and sustainable world for all.