Empowering Future Leaders: ISP’s Year-Long Student Leadership Programme

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At ISP, fostering leadership skills in our students is a core commitment. Thanks to the incredible support from our community through the ISP Fund, we’ve launched a comprehensive year-long Upper School Student Leadership Programme facilitated by Aaron Moniz, co-founder of Inspire Citizens.

Having already facilitated two sessions this fall, and with four more on the horizon, the primary objective of these training sessions with Aaron is to instill students with the confidence and competencies needed to continue ISP’s Upper School Leadership initiatives independently in the years ahead.

“Under Aaron Moniz’s leadership training, I learned to inspire and guide the potential of US STUCO, focusing on how it could positively impact the student body as a whole.”

Erin, Grade 11, STUCO President 

Some of the major focuses of the work this year are to teach students how to craft mission statements and develop common agreements. These tools are fundamental in creating a shared understanding of how to be an effective and collaborative group. By establishing clear principles, students can work together collaboratively, enhancing the impact of their leadership initiatives.

Another important aim of the work with Aaron has been around inclusive leadership. Students have looked into what true leadership entails, exploring inclusive and equitable strategies.

In their workshops, students will also refine practical tools, such as action planning and project planning strategies.  

“Working alongside Aaron Moniz in our leadership programme has been a transformative journey, revealing that true leadership is not just about reaching the summit but navigating the highs and lows with resilience. Through collaborative efforts and a shared vision, I learned that setting a goal is just the beginning; it’s the collective commitment of the team that propels us forward, making every challenge a valuable lesson and every triumph a shared victory. “

Tera, Grade 11

As the sessions continue next semester, students will actively participate in strategic planning for leading training sessions, workshops, feedback sessions, and evidence collection.

We are excited to witness the continued growth of these students as they embark on this transformative leadership journey.

Learn about this exciting programme directly from Aaron Moniz in this video.


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