Engage, Experiment, Explore: The Elective Programme in ES

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The Elementary School Elective Programme is now in full swing, and the response from our students in grades 1-5 has been overwhelmingly positive. Students are embracing the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and explore new areas of interest. This initiative is fostering curiosity, independence, and a genuine passion for learning in our Elementary School.

The options for the elective classes were generated based on the interests and passions of our students. Thanks to the ISP Fund, we have purchased the resources needed to be responsive to these student choices and supply teachers with everything they need to create these memorable and exciting learning experiences.

The classes that are currently being offered to students in Grades 1 through 5 are:

  • Coding
  • Lego
  • Digital Game Design
  • Nature and Science
  • Cooking
  • Artistic Creation
  • Movement/Game Design

“Our commitment to providing a well-rounded education that nurtures curiosity, independence, and a passion for learning is at the heart of this Elementary School Elective Programme. These electives have been carefully developed by our dedicated team of educators, taking into account the interests and feedback from our students.  We are confident that this initiative will not only complement our existing curriculum but also inspire a new level of enthusiasm for learning within your child.”

Matt Woodward, ES Principal 

The Elective Programme incorporates hands-on activities and projects, enabling children to participate and apply what they learn. For example, in the Plants and Nature elective, students were learning about natural dyes and experimenting with different dying strategies and concoctions of materials. From blueberries to purple cabbage to tumeric, the results were amazing! 

“I was surprised to see so many colours from fruits and vegetables.”

Yura, Grade 1

“We crushed fruit and vegetables like blueberries, we put some vinegar and then we put the white cotton cloth. The white cloth changed color in the different plates!”

George, Grade 1

In a recent Cooking elective, creativity was on display as students worked with edible ingredients to create plated masterpieces.  While eating the final creations was, of course, the highlight, students also learned about ingredients, nutrition, and how to combine flavours and textures when cooking. 

“I love baking because it’s so much fun, and when you bake, you can make whatever you want and then eat it!”

Michelle, Grade 5

“I really enjoy the baking elective because we get to be creative about what we make, and it’s very fun and yummy.”

Zoe, Grade 5

Whether in the kitchen, the library, or the Idea Lab, this recent addition to the Elementary School schedule is providing students with the opportunity to actively engage, experiment and explore new interests. We believe that hands-on learning like this allows our students to discover their strengths and ignite their passions.

We extend our gratitude for your ongoing support of the ISP Fund, enabling programmes like these, and more,  to thrive at ISP.


Your generosity and involvement in the life of ISP make us the great school that we are today. 

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