Lighting the Way: ISP’s entrepreneurial changemakers take action 

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How do entrepreneurial changemakers go from ideas to solutions for a targeted need for a specific group of people? How do they identify needs, think of solutions that solve problems, evaluate the impact of these solutions and effectively communicate their innovations? These were the challenges our Upper School students addressed in the Entrepreneurial Changemaker elective.

One team of students tackled a practical problem on the ISP field – a lack of lighting that prevented athletes from using the field in the evening. They created a proposal, identifying the specific considerations and steps needed to achieve their goals, including construction materials, neighbourhood zoning, lighting levels and costs. The students pitched their proposal and justifications to the ISP Director, Director of Athletics and Activities and Chief Operating Officer.

“Thanks to our strong teamwork we were able to surpass many challenges and think of new ways to approach old problems. Although there were doubts about our project, we trusted our abilities and made the project happen.”

Daniel, Henry, Timko, Grade 10

Supported by the donations of the ISP Fund through Changemaker Grants, this project has now received approval and was recently installed on the field!

ISP’s Changemaker Grants enable student projects to happen, empowering students to bring projects like this to life and allowing them to make a difference in their community.

“It’s incredibly powerful to see these students bring forward their ideas that are going to benefit our entire community directly. As we expanded the offerings and the number of sports teams, this addition to our sports field is allowing more students to train for longer.”

Anthony Hennelly, Director of Athletics and Activities


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