“Inquiry into Ecosystems: Grade 4’s Virtual Expedition”

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Grade 4 has recently launched their “Sharing the Planet” Unit of Inquiry, where they delve into various ecosystems worldwide. During the initial curriculum planning, teachers were inspired by the idea of students experiencing these ecosystems firsthand. Fortunately, we have a set of top-notch VR goggles to make this a reality!   

VR technology enables the wearer to see two separate images that the brain combines into one. This is what gives the illusion of 3D depth.  These VR goggles can virtually transport the wearer to any location on Earth, giving them a unique firsthand experience.  ISP’s VR goggles were purchased by the generosity of our community in through the ISP Fund.

In the Idea Lab, Grade 4 students embarked on a virtual journey, exploring ecosystems ranging from the Arctic and desert to the Madagascar rainforest, savannah grasslands, and the incredible depths of the sea, observing coral and fish. The vividness and clarity of the images left the students in awe, especially when a curious Polar Bear approached them in the Arctic!

“My favorite place we saw using the VR googles was the arctic. I love polar bears and there was a polar bear there!”

Ryder, Grade 4

“The VR goggles were really cool! I liked how we got to see different places around the world and experience different eco systems. “

Brinkley, Grade 4

In each location, students assumed the role of scientists, keenly observing their surroundings. They were encouraged to take note of what they were seeing,  what the ecosystem was making them think about, and what questions they had after seeing each ecosystem. These questions now serve as a foundation for their continued learning in this unit of inquiry.


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