The Power of Giving: Virtual Reality Headsets Expand Learning at ISP

Imagine learning about outer space by stepping on the moon, exploring its nearby craters, and gazing at the stars. How about a trip to Paris and a stroll through the Louvre to spark an interest in the visual arts? Or what about launching into a unit on environmental conservation by jumping aboard the Greenpeace boat, breaking ice off the coast of Antarctica? These experiences are happening now at ISP.

Over the last few weeks, our Tech and Innovation Coaches have unveiled the newest addition to the Idea Lab: the VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) headsets purchased from the ISP Fund. These incredible devices can transport students to any location on earth (or beyond!), presenting opportunities that inspire the imagination and bring learning to life on a whole new level.

“It was so fun, you could go to the moon and see stars and spaceships!”

Tim, Grade 3

“Wearing the VR headsets is like going on a dangerous adventure where you can’t get hurt.”

Ayla, Grade 4

The possibilities for experiential learning with this VR/AR technology are incredible.  The headsets are not only a fun adventure for students, exposing them to new places, cultures, and experiences worldwide, but can bring to life experiences that students couldn’t otherwise imagine.

“Learning provocations are like the act of striking a match. They ignite wonder in students. Provocations are open-ended activities that give children the opportunity to explore, wonder and be creative. Through provocations, students’ interests can be sparked, new theories developed, and questions can arise, which will lead to new understanding.“

Ashley Eames, PYP Learning Coach

Our students can’t get enough of VR/AR headsets… who wouldn’t want to experience awe-inspiring views at the top of Mt. Everest, the beauty of our blue planet suspended in space, or the thrill of a shark tank?

Experienced in isolation, the headsets can be a fun adventure for students, exposing them to new places, cultures, and experiences worldwide. However, the time and dedication to faculty collaboration that promotes meaningful integration across disciplines set ISP apart from other international schools.

Planned with purpose and intention, the headsets are a tool that can inspire curiosity and compassion in our students, bringing them up close and personal to global issues in need of change. 


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