The Power of Giving: STEM for Every Child

New to the ISP Middle School this year are Design classes, where all students will get an introduction to many exciting aspects of design. 

Students will first get introduced to the Design Process & Design Thinking, in the unit “Designing for Others.” They will apply this knowledge to a real-world problem they are challenged to solve. 

In their second Unit of Design Inquiry, classes will explore the world of robotics and coding using the new Lego Spike Prime system, which was purchased thanks to the generousity of our community through the ISP Fund.   These STEM-ready Lego units engage the students in the basics of coding while tapping into their problem-solving and creative skills. 

Students build robots with a variety of functions and purposes. Whether creating a robot that dances to the beat of a song, or a robot that shares weather information from the internet, the projects introduce students to both coding and construction principles.

As we develop this newly-formed class for 2022/23, the vision is to engage and inspire our students in the incredibly creative, yet practical, world of design which we hope inspires our students to become Curious, Competent, Compassionate Changemakers.


Your generosity and involvement in the life of ISP make us the great school that we are today. 

Please consider making a gift to ISP Fund in 2022/23.