Coding in a New Context in the Elementary School

Last year, one in three members of our community made a gift to ISP. We are deeply grateful for our community’s generosity. Your gifts through the ISP Fund have enhanced the experience and programmes for our students, including the purchase and implementation of new cutting-edge tools for our Design, Robotics, and Technology Programme, such as the Dobot Robot Arms, unveiled this week in Elementary School.

These tools support students’ curiosity and inquiry while building their real-world skills in coding, design, creative arts, and more. These skills develop in complexity and interactivity as our students move up in age and readiness.

Another exciting unveiling at the Idea Lab as the Dobot Robot Arms debuted in 4th and 5th-grade coding classes this week. Using a tiny suction cup, the Dobot Robot Arms can be programmed using Scratch to pick up and drop small objects like legos. Students were excited to get their hands on the robots and extend their coding skills to a new context.

Transferring their understanding of “repeat block codes” in this new context reinforces the knowledge base for our students and prepares them for more complicated coding in the future.

“We had 100% engagement today! Students were excited to use the Dobot Robot Arms and apply their skills to this new tool. It’s in this transfer of knowledge that the learning gets cemented.  Students can’t even remember when they didn’t know how to code.”

Patrick Frape, Elementary Design Innovation Coach

As students progress through Middle and Upper School, our Design, Robotics, and Technology program progresses in step, offering the tools and equipment to continue challenging and engaging our learners. From Spike Lego Robots to 3D and laser cut printing, and creative applications like programmable and interactive clothing, the possibilities are endless. 

Up next for these 4th and 5th graders: experimenting with drones and learning how to make them fly in formation!

We’ll keep you posted on all the great projects in the Idea Lab, and in the meantime, ask your kids about their experience with the Robot Arms!

Check out a student video showcasing our young coders in action!


Your generosity and involvement in the life of ISP make us the great school that we are today. 

Please consider making a gift to ISP Fund in 2022/23.