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The Power of Giving: The Jazz Dock Orchestra inspires ISP

The ISP music program engages and inspires students to make music and understand and appreciate live music.  We are grateful for the donations of our community to the ISP Fund, in the area of Performing Arts, which sponsored the recent visit to campus by the Prague-based professional Big Band, the Jazz Dock Orchestra!

At ISP, we love Jazz, so it’s always a fabulous day when the Jazz Dock Orchestra comes to campus! 

On Thursday, 10 November, the 16-piece Jazz Dock Orchestra spent the day at ISP, conducting workshops and rehearsals with Middle and Upper School students, and performing an entire suite for our Elementary Students.  The Orchestra, including our music teacher, Ms. Suzanne Higgins, presented Ellington’s ‘Nutcracker Suite’ and ‘Blues To Be There’.

 This music was delightfully familiar to students who have been learning these tunes in their music classes.

Seeing this music come to life on the stage was quite a treat for our students!  The Landau Theater was buzzing with energy and excitement.

One of the highlights of the special visit was the opportunity for our Upper School band students to play along with the Jazz Dock Orchestra on stage.

Making music alongside professional musicians is a rare opportunity that not only positively impacts and inspires our students, but creates memories that will last a lifetime. 

“I’ve never played with a professional band before. This was a really cool experience to learn from people who are in the business. Also, it was really great to observe the concert firsthand, as opposed to from the audience.”

Maya, Grade 11

In addition to the band students getting up on stage, the concert featured 5th grader, Sonya, whose vocal rendition of  Duke Ellington’s ’Blues To Be There’ dazzled everyone in the room!

The Jazz Dock visit was an incredible experience for ISP students, made all the more relevant and meaningful with the timing of this visit just weeks after the “Ellington Extravaganza”, our ES outdoor Jazz concert.

ISP sure does love jazz, and they love visits by the Jazz Dock Orchestra! This exceptional visit was funded by generous donations from our community to the ISP Fund.

“I think it inspired a lot of us to pursue it professionally. Later in high school, it will be harder to find the time to keep practicing an instrument, and this was good motivation to stick with it! I also think it inspired many younger students to play an instrument in the future.”

Toby, Grade 9


Your generosity and involvement in the life of ISP make us the great school that we are today. 

Please consider making a gift to ISP Fund in 2022/23.