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Building Connections and Leadership: Highlights from ISP’s Athletics and Activities Programme

The Athletics and Activities Programme at ISP has had an exceptional school year, with much to celebrate. The addition of our new Athletics and Activities Director, Mr. Antony Hennelly, has brought exciting opportunities for programme growth and student leadership, such as the formation of ISP’s first Athletic Council. The Athletic Council is a dedicated Upper School team responsible for marketing and promoting ISP Athletics and organizing all school athletic events like our spirited seasonal pep rallies.

It has been such a pleasure to find strong student leadership at ISP facilitated by supportive teachers. For example, at the beginning of the year, Grade 11 students Eiji and Robert approached me with regards to setting up an Athletic Council, and quickly Ms. Martina Plicka jumped on board to support and coordinate this. This approach has been mirrored in a range of our activities from Dance to Chess. It has been rewarding to support our students to take leadership on these aspects of our community and culture.

Mr. Anthony Hennelly, Athletics and Activities Director

Fostering leadership skills is an essential part of the values at ISP, and is particularly important to Activities and Athletics. Throughout this year, Upper School students were provided with a unique opportunity to participate in a UK Sports Leadership course, aimed at cultivating their abilities in team building, effective communication, and sportsmanship. Engaging in team sports, whether in the role of a captain or a player, offers a valuable platform to embody ISP’s principles and exemplify the ideals of fair play, inclusivity, and collaboration.

While the Falcons love to celebrate victories, and we had many this year, above all else, the Athletics Programme at ISP is about inclusive play and teamwork. 

“Becoming a captain for your team in a tournament is a big reward for anyone who earns it, but it takes a lot of responsibility to make sure that you are there for the team when they need it the most. As a captain, you are the one that is supposed to push the team and motivate the ones that don’t believe, show them that they can do it!”

Martin, MS Boys Football Captain, Grade 8

Activities are an integral part of life at ISP and bring together our entire school community in profound ways. From Middle and Upper School STUCO (Student Council) to the Happy Caravan Club or Knowledge Bowl (Speech and Debate), Band and Choir and Drama Club, to name a few, our students have the chance to participate in a wide range of activities and experiences.

“ I joined StuCo because I really love helping people and I want to make a difference in our school community. I like being a leader because I can guide people and spread awareness on important issues. In StuCo, I can share my ideas with the team and we get to create posters and events to support these causes.”

Leila, 6th grade

These clubs enable our students to live our mission and become compassionate changemakers.  Whether through opportunities to mentor Elementary School students, like the PAWS project, or by coordinating an all-school Talent Show to raise money for the education of girls in Afghanistan, these clubs and activities encourage our students to follow their passions and empower them with the agency to inspire others.

It was wonderful to be able to collaborate with the 5th grade Changemakers! Elementary School is a part of our community that we don’t get to work with very often and it was really rewarding.  We hope to be great role models for the girls so they feel inspired to continue doing this important work as they get older.”

Maya and Neila, Grade 11

Whether on the field or court, on stage or through a club, our Athelteics and Activities Programme is a fundamental part of how ISP fulfils its mission to Inspire, Engage and Empower learners to be curious, competent, compassionate changemakers.