10-year Reunion: Class of 2013 launches a new tradition

The halls of ISP came alive with excitement in May as the Class of 2013 came together on campus to commemorate their 10-year Reunion! It was a fabulous celebration with funny stories, reconnecting with friends and teachers, and a memorable 2-day programme!  This incredible event was made possible by the initiative and dedication of William Lobkowitz and Bo Hitzert, who orchestrated an awesome weekend of activities on and off campus for their classmates.

“It honestly felt like we were all sitting in the classroom just last week, and like no time has passed! Our group is so special, and I truly feel like I’d always be able to count on each and every one of you to have a good time but also in times of need. The weekend gave a very trusting, reliable and heartwarming feel.”

Bo Hitzert, Class of 2013

Nearly 40 alums came from around the world to attend the 10-year reunion.  The winner of the farthest to fly was Ye Jin Choi from Melbourne, Australia, followed closely by Ye Eun and her partner Seunggon from Seoul, South Korea!

The Class of 2013 gathered to exchange stories of their journeys after ISP, excited to see who pursued their childhood dreams and who embarked on new paths. 

Known for their exceptional creativity, the Class of 2013’s career adventures are inspiring! 

For instance, painter Julien Mikton is a full-time visual artist, now based in Prague.

Several alums followed the paths they paved in high school, with Lukáš Borovička pursuing his passion for film and becoming a TV producer, while Pavlina Vecerova found her calling as a Video Operator at Radio Free Europe.

Ye Jin, renowned for her musical talents at ISP, embarked on a global journey as a Cellist, attending Julliard in New York and later the Royal Academy of Music in London. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Melbourne.

The accomplishments of the Class of 2013 continue to impress and inspire!

The reunion kick-off included a campus tour, where students re-visited their favorite rooms and strolled through the familiar Upper School halls and lockers and had a lovely champagne reception in the Blue Room. Alums mingled with each other, reminisced with their old teachers, and enjoyed embarrassing videos of themselves in Middle and Upper School! After the reception, the Class of 2013 went to Jeneralka (where they used to go as teens!) and had fried cheese and beers together.

On Saturday, the Class of 2013 met at the Skautský Insitute in Kampa Park and painted a large glass canvas together. They painted several falcons in all different shapes, forms, and colors and donated the glasswork to ISP.

 After the artistic afternoon, they chartered a bus to Nelahozeves Castle, where they had a champagne reception followed by a dinner in the beautiful Knight’s Hall of the Castle. It was an incredible dinner at an incredible location, following which they went back into the city centre for a good old-fashioned night out!

“It was by far one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. I don’t think coming I could have imagined it would be as amazing as it was! I think it’s a huge testament to our class that even 10 years later, we can get so many of us to come back and celebrate together.”

Tom Wilmots, Class of 2013

Throughout the weekend, the Class of 2013 had many opportunities to catch up, deepen their connections, and reminisce about the wonderful moments shared at ISP. The key takeaway from this reunion was crystal clear: they eagerly anticipate more reunions in the future, acknowledging the irreplaceable nature of the friendships and bonds created at ISP!