The Chartreuse Goose takes Center Stage: A Middle School Play

In 1801, Silas and Fern Birch of Walpole, New Hampshire sent the newly elected American president, Thomas Jefferson, a gift –  a lifesize replica of their goose, Gertie, who tragically froze to death after celebrating the new year.

The goose, chartreuse in color and encrusted with rare gem stones, became the prized possession of the president who never went anywhere without it, becoming as popular as Jefferson himself.

In 1805 while in route to his home in Virginia, highwaymen robbed the presidential carriages taking the beloved goose. The fate of the Chartreuse Goose remains a mystery to this day….

And that is how this year’s Middle School play, The Chartreuse Goose, opened to audiences on March 9th and 10th after a 4 year hiatus from the stage.

“I will never forget playing my character in the Middle School play.  I loved working with Ms. Braun and the entire cast.  I learned to live in my character’s shoes and the first time I stepped on stage, I truly became her.  I love expressing myself through acting and sharing this when I’m on stage.”

Leila, Grade 6

The play starred an incredible ensemble of eleven Middle School students, nine of whom had never performed on stage previously, though no one would have guessed this based on their acting skills!

“Acting is like a secret garden- It’s so beautiful you want to keep it to yourself, but the more people you share it with, the happier you’ll be.”

Lily, Grade 8

“In the play, I learned how to work with others and put feedback into motion. If anyone wants to improve their teamwork or ability to take critique, they should try out for a play. “

Hala, Grade 7

“It was hard as well because there was a lot of rehearsal time, but in the end, it was fun and such a relief!”

Amos, Grade 6

The play, written by MS Drama teacher Nancy Braun, was a homage to the film noir classic The Maltese Falcon. Hearty congratulations to the cast, the stage crew, and the US Theater Production class for their hard work and collaboration to make this production such a success!