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ISP Alumni meet monthly here in Prague (the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 18:00-20:00) in a casual setting; the main purpose is to simply connect ISP Alumni with old and new friends, in a relaxed atmosphere, who share the distinct honour of having attended the same school, and of living their lives as “Third Culture Kids”.

There is a programme of events based on Business Networking. For any additional information - contact Tony McLaughlin, Communications Manager at ISP tmclaughlin@isp.cz

If you're a Facebook user, check out this page to make sure that the meeting is taking place.


An annual Alumni Reunion event takes place each year in the spring. The next reunion will take place to celebrate ISP's 70th Anniversary in June 2018. 



What "Class of" are you?

Your reunion class is the year you graduated from school, not necessarily the year you graduated from ISP. So, obviously if you attended ISP and you left at the end of Grade 12 in 2016 with your diploma, you are a member of the Class of '16. However (not so obviously) if you left after Grade 9 in 2013 and went to another school where you then graduated in 2016, you are still a member of the ISP Class of '16 (not the Class of '13). Remembering this will allow you to remain in contact with the students you met while at ISP.

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