Our Growing Culture of Giving at ISP

We are immensely proud of the growing culture of giving at ISP, a culture that has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Over the past three years alone, our annual philanthropic giving has quadrupled, a testament of the trust and dedication of our community. Last year, one in every three parents made a donation to ISP, and we are excited to note that a record-breaking 60 faculty members have joined in this spirit of giving during this years’s ISP Fund Giving Week!

While philanthropy has always been a cornerstone at ISP and has enabled renovations such as the redesign of our library and Idea Lab, as well as the establishment of our landmark ISP Scholarship Programme 25 years ago, the wide range of new programmes and initiatives funded has never been so profound.

Giving takes many forms, ranging from financial donations to our ISP Fund and ISP Scholarship Programme, to the invaluable contributions of time and energy from our active parent volunteers, spearheaded by the School Community Associaton (SCA) Board.

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting an event to express our heartfelt gratitude for the vital contributions made by our Volunteers and Donors. The Volunteer and Donor Reception was an opportunity to showcase the profound impact of their generosity and support. This impact was made visible at the event through the reflections of our students and principals who shared about their experiences.

Ultimately, this is the driving force behind our giving. We give for our children and for the commitment we have made to ensure they receive the finest education, the most extraordinary opportunities, and a fulfilling and engaging childhood experience.

Speaking about these transformative experiences from the perspective of the ISP Scholarship Programme were two of our Grade 12 Scholars, Marina and Lucie.  Marina and Lucie spoke to the crowd with vulnerability, honesty, and courage, sharing their stories of coming to ISP with little knowledge of English, challenges with transitioning to a new school, and ultimately, their stories of perseverance at ISP.  Most of all, they shared their profound gratitude to the community of donors who supported the ISP Scholarship Programme, enabling their dream of an ISP education to come true.

“The fact that I was given this opportunity has changed the course of my life, and I wish to live it to the fullest potential. Part of my dream for the future is to help those in need. As someone who has experienced such kindness firsthand, I cannot help but wish to be as kind.”

Lucie, Grade 12 ISP Scholar

“After the chaos of COVID and Zooms, the hard times that shook my hand on the way, it warms my heart remembering all the support shown to me… I still may not be sure what is ahead of me, but being at ISP has changed me in the best way possible and opened unimaginable opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without you.”

Marina, Grade 12 ISP Scholar

Also at the event were students talking about the Outdoor Education Programme, the composting initiative, and, most enthusiastically, about the chickens!  Students demonstrated new tools and manipulatives from the MYP Design Studio, building arches and inviting participants to join them in constructing.  In the Idea Lab, students were engaged with new podcasting equipment, interacting with new additions to the technology and robotics programme, and experimenting with the VR Goggles.  All of this, and much much more, was sponsored through the ISP Fund.

Children were not the only ones smiling at the reception – it feels good to give, and it feels good to receive appreciation for your time and efforts. Of the most active and involved givers at our school are undoubtedly our parents through the SCA. 

Parents and community members who volunteer through the SCA truly transform our school with their numerous activities for parents throughout the year, building community and supporting our families to make connections and relationships. Parents from the SCA also sponsor social activities for students, organise community events like the International Food Festival, serve on the board and as classroom representatives, and run a number of other events and activities.

“Giving back to the students and the school community has always been an important milestone of the SCA. I was thrilled to understand how much impact our work has on the students, the faculty and the total community. It is one of the things that keeps me and my friends at the SCA motivated to continue with our mission.”

Vered Maizner-Gani, SCA Vice Chair and Parent

By choosing to give to ISP, you understand that education, well-being, and extraordinary opportunities for our children help us achieve our mission to Inspire, Engage, and Empower all learners to be Curious, Competent, Compassionate Changemakers. Thank you to all of our volunteers and donors for being part of our school culture of giving, and for going above and beyond with your contributions to ISP.