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Students unite with Orchestras from Boston and Akron to help Ukraine

ISP students have been working tirelessly to support Ukraine, demonstrating outstanding innovation, understanding, and compassion. One of these innovative ventures was the making of Ukraine-themed pins to sell in support of refugees in Prague. To this date, we have collected more than 60,000 CZK in donations. However, our perseverance has also granted us an outstanding opportunity from orchestras in Boston, Massachusetts, and Akron, Ohio.

ISP student-created pins and notes arrive in the US.

After learning about our effort, the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and Akron Symphony Orchestra extended themselves and asked for 100 pins each. Spearheaded by the orchestras’ conductors Benjamin Zander and Christopher Wilkins, the orchestras shared the pins to show their support of Ukraine.

Before intermission in a concert at Boston’s Symphony Hall, Maestro Benjamin Zander thanked the students of ISP and extended a powerful message to the audience:

“Voices can be obscured by the noise of bitterness, brutality, and war, but this is what will endure forever.”

– Benjamin Zander

As the humanitarian crisis continues we have to remind ourselves of our moral responsibility, to build a just, prosperous, and peaceful future that works for all. Today, we came a step closer, uniting passionate and curious students with the everlasting power of music.