US students took part in an international Robotics tournament 

In April, the US Robotics team competed in a virtual tri-school Vex showdown against the American School of Warsaw and the American International School of Bucharest. It was a very successful event and below are some personal responses about it.

“The robotics competition was a very fun learning experience. It was the first time I had done it. During the competition, we managed to improve our robot. However, we did face some problems like the wiring causing our robot not to work.” – Tjebbe, Grade 11

“As part of the logistics team, this event gave us a great opportunity to create a lot of content to document our progress. We took photos, and videos made posts on social media, and created short features of the robots and their teams. The event was very fast-paced with rounds following each other with little time between. This made us have to be in the right place at the right time when collecting footage and is a useful skill for the future.” – Sebastian, Grade 11

“I’ve been competing in robotics from 5th grade, and I’ve never had a competition experience like this one. Competing virtually is different from the standpoint of you can’t watch other teams’ tactics and view their robotics abilities up close. I thoroughly enjoyed documenting the event and supporting my teammates along the way and thank you to all the people who came to cheer us on in the Loft!” ­– Delanie, Grade 11

Thank you again to all FalconTech team members, Referee Tommy, Mr. Druce, and Mr. P for an amazing season!