Loving London: The Transition from ISP to Kings College

Meet Nicole Parry, Class of 2022, who shares highlights from her experience at ISP from first grade through graduation, explains how Upper School electives changed the course of her future, and reveals the most impactful part of her ISP learning journey.

Hi Nicole! So great to talk with you today, and excited to hear about your learning journey at ISP and the path that led you to King’s College in London. 

You are a freshman – do you already have a major?

Yes! I am currently studying for a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Digital Media and Culture. My degree focuses on a variety of topics from a global perspective, including the digital economy, social media, artificial intelligence, and digital politics.

Wow, that sounds like a very interesting major! London will be a great place for that focus. How are you finding the transition from Prague to London?

Oh, I love London! It is such a great city – massive compared to Prague.

I was at ISP since the first grade, so ISP was everything to me. When I went to university, it was the biggest change of my life!

But at the same time, I think going to ISP, which has such an international community, really made me want to experience the world and all different kinds of people. I think that London was the perfect place to do that since it’s like a central hub of the world.

How did ISP prepare you for the academic rigor of higher education? 

At ISP, I took IB Business and IB Psychology, which was an incredible foundation for University, especially in terms of academics and the amount of reading and essay writing! Through the IB, I discovered that consistency is key, and learned the importance of keeping a routine for studying and planning in advance.

I felt like coming into university, I had an advantage over a lot of the other students because of my experience at ISP and the IB. Even though it was challenging (especially during the last month before exams), I feel like I was rewarded by achieving my dream of attending King’s College London.

Alongside those two courses, some of my favorite classes at ISP were graphic design, Spanish, and web design. I love the creative applications of technology, which has led me to the Digital Media part of my major and I also love working with people and understanding relationships, as well as developing communication skills through another language.  These skills have come together in the Culture part of my major.

My education and learning at ISP are still highly applicable and relevant to my everyday life.

Was there something at ISP that stimulated your interest in what you are studying now or your future career plans?

Throughout Elementary and Middle school, I never really thought I was a particularly creative person; however, in Upper School, all that changed! I had the opportunity to choose my own electives, which gave me the chance to try something outside of my comfort zone. I took a web design and graphic design elective, and I recall being extremely fascinated with the creative possibilities of using technology. 

I think that ISP was amazing in that way because a lot of high schools and middle schools don’t provide the extent of tech classes and creative opportunities that we have at ISP.

Having these opportunities really drove what I wanted to do in the future and where I am now. I’m really grateful for the teachers who offered this and that it was a part of the learning experience – it was a life-changing opportunity.

What did you learn at ISP that is making an impact on your experience now?

I think throughout every single class I can remember, even in first and second grade, ISP teachers always taught us that it’s okay to have your own ideas. And actually, they encouraged it and encouraged us to explore our own interests.

I also remember being challenged not to just accept everything that’s given to you – to question it a bit. I think those critical thinking skills and confidence has been a tremendous benefit in how I approach academic questions at university.

Additionally, the international environment of ISP has given me the opportunity to form a global perspective that has taught me invaluable lessons and helped me to make a variety of new connections and amazing friendships at university.

Future plans – any idea what you want to do in the future and what you think you will you will take from ISP for the rest of your life?

I started my basketball journey in the 6th grade, and I’ve continued playing as a representative of my university. My love for team sports was really fostered at ISP, and that is something I’ve taken to university and will continue to do.  

In terms of my future career… I am still unsure of the exact job I would like to do in the future, though I am certain that I would love to be part of the creative industry. I am currently open-minded and exploring my options before I graduate in 2025.

ISP has taught me that it is okay to be unsure about the future and that taking risks and exploring new things is an essential part of life.