Falcons On Air: The Official ISP Podcast

By Gabriella and Sofia, Grade 11

A brilliant new initiative has launched at ISP– a podcast. Falcons on Air is an ISP community-focused podcast hosted by Maya, Emelie, and Sofia, with sound editing by Gabriella: four eleventh graders passionate about their school.  The podcast looks to do everything from highlighting inspirational people at ISP, to talking about the hosts’ personal experiences with the school. Through beginning Falcons on Air, they aspire to further develop a sense of connectedness throughout ISP.

What was the inspiration behind starting a podcast?

ISP’s group of students and faculty is constantly changing and growing; there are over 60 nationalities here at ISP.

Each person has their own stories and passions, ones we think are worth sharing.

It’s easy to become absorbed in our individual obligations and projects that we might not know all too much about our surroundings–like the different divisions of ISP and the people in them.

We want to cultivate a sense of unity through sharing different stories and perspectives.

What do you anticipate you will cover?

The plan is that all of the people we interview and events we discuss will be connected to the school in some way.

We plan on covering personal stories from people in our community, raising awareness for upcoming events or projects, and sharing student art or performances.

Also, we are always open to suggestions from our listeners–you can email or message any of us hosts!

Falcons on Air is sure to prove a great space for cultivating unity in ISP, and serve as a creative outlet for Maya, Sofia and Emelie.

If you’re interested in tuning in to the already existing or upcoming episodes of the Falcons On Air podcast, they will be releasing content every one to two weeks on Google Podcasts. 

Check us out on google podcasts here!

Check us out on apple podcasts here!