2023 ISP Spring Gala: Raising Funds to Support Scholars 

The 2023 Spring Gala, held on 13 May at the stunning residence of the US Ambassador, Petchek Villa, was a truly enchanting evening dedicated to raising funds for our ISP Scholarship Programme. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous community, whose financial contributions, donations, and auction items made this event a huge success. Your support allows ISP to continue our impactful Scholarship Programme.

From buying Gala tickets to raising a paddle on Saturday evening, every crown raised from the Gala was dedicated to this important cause. We are delighted to share that through the ticket sales, Silent and Live auction gifts, and the numerous other ways our community contributed to the event, ISP raised over 5 million CZK, including a significant gift from an alumna scholar wanting to give back to the ISP Scholarship Programme. In addition, we also unlocked a 2 million matching gift bringing our total to 7 million CZK.

Over the years, the ISP Scholarship Programme has expanded in capacity thanks to the success of our annual fundraising Gala and the donations of individual and corporate sponsors.  With this tremendous support, last year we were able to launch humanitarian scholarships to support students affected by the Ukraine crisis while maintaining our academic scholarships.

“The incredible success of the Spring Gala 2023 is the result of the values of our ISP families about giving, as well as the generosity of loyal donors and our shared desire to sustain the ISP Scholarship Programme. Giving talented students the opportunity to study at ISP is not only a life-changing experience, but also an inspiration for our children enrolled in the school”.

Tatiana Eichler, ISP Parent and Gala Co-chair

Next school year, 15 scholars (including two new Grade 9 scholars) will benefit from a life-changing ISP education, partially funded through the generous support of our community during the Gala. ISP benefits significantly from our talented scholarship students, who add to our school’s socioeconomic diversity and bring vitality and excellence to our community. 

“I am deeply grateful to the ISP community and each donor that makes this programme possible. When we consider how we can give back, this is a profound and specific way to change lives. Each year when we award a scholar there is excitement and tears because each family knows that this will change the trajectory of their lives.”

Dr. Chip Kimball, ISP Director

Once again, we express our deepest appreciation to each person who played a part in the 2023 Spring Gala’s success, including the ISP Gala Organizing Committee. The Gala is a parent-organised event and is not possible without the dedication, time, and incredible efforts of this team of 18 volunteers.

The ISP Scholarship Programme was initiated 22 years ago, and so far, 32 student scholars have graduated from ISP with an IB Diploma. All scholars continue their education and attend university and go on to lead healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful lives. We are proud of our scholars and deeply grateful to our community that supports them.

Katerina Sukdolakova, ISP Scholar, Class of 2011
Lucie Vágnerová, ISP Scholar, Class of 2006
Vahe Asatryan, ISP Scholar, Class of 2016