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Party in the Park: Celebrating Community and Changemakers

By Jasmine, Grade 10

On Saturday, 22 April, ISP hosted its second annual Party in the Park event, where ISP families came together for a fun day of musical performances, community-building, and celebrating the work of our student changemakers. Passionate students from all school sections enjoyed sharing their crafts, baked goods, and services to raise over 70,000 CZK in donations to support 16 different local charities of their choice. Party in the Park was a day to remember!

The event was organized through the collective efforts of ISP students from all sections, teachers, and staff members. There were stalls set up by different student-run organizations, each hosting their activity to raise money for causes. Activities ranged from bracelet-making to games and bouncy castles.

It was a great opportunity to come together and have fun while supporting local charities.

The 4 R’s group, all dressed in green, sold an assortment of green goodies to celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness of the importance of the 4 R’s (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Refuse) and planting trees, while the Upper and Elementary School Animal Shelter Club was selling treats to raise money for a dog shelter in Prague. Maya Bashan, an 11th-grade member of the group, told us about her experience at the event:

“Everything went smoothly, and we really enjoyed our time there. We know the dog shelter will appreciate the money we donate.”

Some of our crafty changemakers showcased their hand-made items like tie-dyed shirts, bracelets and laser-cut polar bear pins, proud to sell their works to support their cause. Across the lawn, students presented their projects on stage, advocating for their projects in front of an audience. 

The Happy Caravan Club had huge fundraising success. Their bouncy castle and face painting stations were packed, and the club was thrilled to have raised significant funds to donate to the refugee cause. Also to support refugees was another group of Upper Schol students selling ISP cookbooks which included recipes from a wide range of countries and cultures directly from our families.

Many musicians had a chance to show off their talent to the community with performances that the audience loved.

“I would like to thank everyone who was involved – students, teachers and all staff.” I am proud to see so many passionate changemakers in our community. They spent a couple of weeks preparing their project, and supervisors gave them incredible support. Only because of teamwork we were able to run this event successfully.”

Pavlina Koukalová – WS Community Service Coordinator

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this event a success! The event was a testament to ISP’s strong sense of community and how it can be harnessed to positively impact the world. It was a great success, and we look forward to future events that bring us all together.

Watch the highlights in this video!