Transformative Impact: Elementary School Support Services and Online Learning Through Games

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Thanks to the generosity of the donors to the ISP Fund, the Elementary School Support Services team trialled 30 licenses for a new online learning tool called Fast For Word.  This engaging, games-based software supports individual learners in early elementary as they develop and strengthen important skills for learning to read and write. The programme is a year-long learning experience that offers flexibility and individuation to complement and extend the benefits of our existing Learning Support Services.

Fast For Word empowers students to use the tool independently, offering a personalised training experience that fits their individual learning styles. The programme targets various skills, including auditory processing, memory training, and phonological awareness, all of which contribute to enhancing students’ ability to sustain focus. While its primary focus is on improving literacy skills, we have observed significant advantages in the form of strengthened executive functioning skills and enhanced auditory processing among our students.

“The games are great, because I learn and play at the same time.”

A second grade student

“This programme supports students not only with academics like reading, but it also supports executive functioning skills. These are the skills needed the most in our lives. In or outside of school. Strengthening these skills builds the children’s independence and competence in all areas.  In this way, this programme really aligns with our mission at ISP and prepares the children for the life learning journey.”

Linda Lawrence Caklová, Learning Support Specialist


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