Designing Tomorrow: Transforming ISP’s MYP Design Studio with Generous Support

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When students enter the design studio at ISP:

  • There is a sense of possibility.
  • There is a feeling of traction.
  • There is a structure of support.

Ideas and materials are connected.

Creating this kind of opportunity for our students requires a shared vision, constructive design language, and a community that can scaffold its growth.

Thanks to the generous contributions to the ISP FUND, the MYP Design Studio has been equipped with new tools and manipulatives, enhancing the space and fostering an environment where incredible learning experiences can unfold. The MYP Design Studio will now include professional high-end power tools from Festools, including a high-end TKS 80 Table saw, various design manipulatives, and an assortment of hand-building and layout tools.  These tools and manipulatives help create the right conditions for students to feel secure as they adapt to practise, emerge as pivotal designers, and find purpose in their solutions.

“With the addition of professional-grade shop tools, the MYP Design studio is positioning its students to current industry standards in prototyping, production and material transformation. Utilising the best practises will allow the right conditions to form strong connections within applied design and research.”

Matthew Martin, MYP Design Teacher

Grade 6 Lights up the MYP Design Studio

Grade 6 completes its first two units of inquiry, Transformation in Design and With Function and Purpose: Lighting Design. Over the past five months, the studio has been investigating “How Designers Adapt and Transform Materials.”

The recent Grade 6 project of creating individualised table lamps illustrates how functionality and creativity can emerge together to create innovative design solutions.  Tasked with the challenge of constructing adjustable and fully functioning electric table lights, students experimented with multiple materials and design solutions.  Using uniquely shaped wooden pieces crafted with the new table saw, students acquired the skills to piece together these components using wire, rubber bands, and a variety of other materials.

“Our teacher, Mr. Martin, wanted us to make some articulation in our lamp, so I drilled a hole through the base and connected it to this stick with wires which allowed it  to move in different ways.”

Borik, Grade 6 

“One of my favourite tools to work with is the plier because you can use it to cut, pinch, and twist wire which is really useful. And I also really like working with the drill.”

Nico, Grade 6

The process allowed students to explore the art of hand-building while incorporating movement into their creations. This was clear in how the lamp’s arm was carefully designed, balancing both function and style. The students enjoyed designing pieces that not only served a purpose but also reflected their individual creativity.


Your generosity and involvement in the life of ISP make us the great school that we are today. 

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