TEDxYouth@ISPrague Brings Transformative Ideas to Campus

Written by Sofia, Grade 12

TED’s mission is to foster, research and discover ideas worth spreading – usually in the form of short, powerful talks. As offshoots of the globally recognised TED Conference, TEDx allows for institutions like ISP to create licenced, self-organised events, bringing our local and global communities together to share this wonderful experience. Students, parents, faculty and online viewers unite to listen and to learn.

Our TEDxYouth@ISPrague event has been ongoing for 9 years now, with our talks totaling over 1 million combined online views!

The entire event is created by and features ISP’s high-school students and select guests. In addition to being speakers, ISP students also take on the responsibilities of technical supervisors, ensuring that speakers are equipped with microphones. Our IB film students serve as the TEDxYouth film crew, filming and editing each talk, and they act as coaches, providing invaluable support to the speakers throughout their preparation and delivery process.

Looking back at the years since I became part of the TEDxYouth@ISPrague team, I can confidently say that I learned so much from my supportive and reliable supervisors and fellow organisers every year. I am always grateful for the opportunity to work as an organiser and hear inspirational talks from our speakers each year.

Minie, Grade 12

During ISP’s ninth production of the signature half-day event, talks ranged from focusing on embracing chaos to collecting evidence of war crimes, with there being two creative performances, as well.

We are incredibly grateful to Mr. Lawrence Hrubeš, who was instrumental in bringing this incredible event together, and Ms. Springs Pacelli who expertly supported the presenters in their journey from idea conception to final presentation.

Many thanks to Mr. Mike Lewis, Mr. Andrew Proudlove and Mr. Josh Stewart, who supported the technical aspects of the event. To our photographers,  ISP parent Monika Jarolímek, and Ondřej, Grade 12, we are extraordinarily grateful for your time and generosity in capturing this event!! Finally, the Zátiší Group and Fresh & Tasty have been co-sponsors of our events most years, including this year, and we appreciate your continual support and delicious food.

Adam Andruško

Sports Culture Critic, 12th Grade Student

A 12th-grade student at the International School of Prague, Adam has been an active football player since he was four years old.

Adam Sybera

Volunteer War Crimes Investigator

Adam Sybera is a graduate of the International School of Prague, class of 2011. He is an analyst with a focus on Kremlin influence and propaganda in central and eastern Europe. Prior to joining Team4Ukraine, he worked for Kremlin Watch, a strategic program of the European Values think tank. After Russia conducted its full invasion of Ukraine, he joined Team4Ukraine where he participated in monitoring projects and documentation of Russian war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide toward Ukraine, and its role in both conventional and information warfare.

Alisa Krotov

11th Grade Student

An 11th-grade student at the International School of Prague, Alisa explores how social media has affected body image and insecurities.

Aneta Vostrá

8th Grade Student

An 8th-grade student at the International School of Prague, Aneta is Czech and has lived in Prague her whole life. She explores the impact of TikTok on the shortened span of music.

Emily Kabát

Fashion Reform Advocate, 12th Grade Student

A 12th-grade student at the International School of Prague, Emily is an aspiring fashion designer and art student interested in diversity and inclusivity.

Gena Dawn Rabinowitz

Art Educator

Originally from the US, Gena is an art educator who has lived in California, Bali, and Prague. She is inspired by the creative chaos found in nature.

Lexi Rizzo

12th Grade Student

A 12th-grade student at the International School of Prague, Karina is originally from Poland. Karina is a part of the robotics club and is passionate about the use of AI with education.

Karina Kalicka-Molin

12th Grade Student

A 12th-grade student at the International School of Prague, Lexi encourages nuclear fusion as a sustainable way to solve the world’s energy needs.

Sonja Schreck

Singer, Sax Player, 6th Grade Student

Singer, Sax Player, 6th Grade Student

Springs Pacelli

Science Educator, Education-for-girls activist

Originally from the US, Springs is an educator currently teaching Biology and Environmental science at the International School of Prague. Her profound passion extends to the empowerment of girls, a cause she wholeheartedly champions, alongside her dedication to animal conservation.

Una Čilič

Digital Broadcast Editor

Una Čilić is a journalist and editor for Radio Free Europe, Balkan Service where she also runs a project dedicated to gender-based violence. She comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Martin Jarolímek

Competitive Tap Dancer, 10th Grade Student

A 10th-grade student at the International School of Prague, Martin is a gold-medalist tap dancer. Tapping brings him a sense of joy and freedom and he has been tapping for over five years.

When available in a few months, the videos can be found on the official TEDx Youtube channel under our event name, TEDxYouth@ISPrague.