Levelling Up: Upper School STUCO Leadership Training 

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Over the past three years, the Upper School’s Student Council (STUCO) has undergone a remarkable transformation. A robust governance structure has been implemented, fostering student leadership, and various committees have been established to ensure widespread participation from the Upper School community.

Currently, STUCO boasts a membership of 45 students, constituting approximately 12% of the Upper School population.

With such broad representation, STUCO has accomplished many projects and aims of the student organisation, such as creating a handbook, organising events and planning unique school projects.

As STUCO’s influence and accomplishments have surged, faculty club leaders, Martina Plicka and Jeff Penn, recognised the need to cultivate more student leadership.

Generous contributions from the ISP Fund paved the way for the STUCO executive cabinet to collaborate with a seasoned leadership consultant during a weekend retreat in September 2023.

“The leadership retreat was a useful and insightful expertise. Throughout the two days, we were engaged in workshops that allowed us to understand one another. Moreover, I was also able to recognise what leadership meant for me and how to achieve goals collaboratively.”

Katya, Grade 11, Head of Special Projects Committee.

This partnership facilitated the development of concrete administrative skills and practical leadership skills among the students. During this retreat, students honed their abilities to unite around a common purpose for STUCO, articulate and communicate clear expectations, and lead with integrity and compassion.

“I found the leadership retreat to be an exceptionally enriching and invigorating experience. The retreat served as a catalyst for forging stronger bonds with my fellow cabinet members, ultimately enhancing our collective potential for positive change.”

Erin, Grade 11, STUCO president 

Through this retreat and the continued work to develop their skills, ISP students in STUCO learned how to work efficiently with teachers and adult leaders while advocating for student voices and views.