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Our Community of Many Cultures: A Look at Elementary School Culture Week at ISP

At ISP, we deeply value diversity and international-mindedness, and we take great pride in the many different cultures and backgrounds that make up our community.

Our students bring a unique perspective and energy to our campus every day, contributing to what makes ISP such a special place to learn.  We enjoy celebrating the individuality of our students every day, and also recognize the power of bringing students and families together in an intentional week dedicated to this important aspect of our school.

Culture Week is our annual tradition designed to honor and showcase the diversity of our Elementary School community.

This year’s Culture Week, which took place from 13 to 17 February, was a week-long celebration filled with joyful activities, events, cooking projects, and fun!

From baking Challah bread to learning Ddakji (a traditional Korean game), to creating Papel Picado (a Mexican folk art), and more, students and teachers had an incredible opportunity to share their cultural heritage with each other.

The grand finale of Culture Week was a celebratory parade through ISP, cheered on by Middle and Upper School students, teachers, and parents.

Our Elementary School students proudly wore traditional clothing and waved flags, creating beautiful moments of connection as they recognized and appreciated the different cultures represented in their school community.

We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate our diverse community of over 60 nationalities and thank all of our families for their contributions to Elementary School Culture Week.