New Journeys Ahead for the Class of 2022

On May 28th 2022, ISP celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2022, which after two years of non-traditional ceremonies, was held back at the breathtaking Žofín Palace. The seniors were joined by friends, family, and faculty members to recognize the hard work and dedication of these students. 

The bittersweet ceremony included addresses from students and faculty, which reflected how the Class of 2022 had persevered and triumphed during their time at ISP. We heard a Principal’s Welcome from Dr. Eric Sturm and the Director’s Remarks from Dr. Chip Kimball, with this being his first year as ISP Director.

“Continue to grow, blossom and flourish. Use the lessons learned to propel you forward to happiness in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue. Continue to work hard, flexibly and cooperatively to confront the challenges that you will most certainly encounter. You have succeeded here at ISP and with this, I know you can succeed anywhere and in whatever you choose to do.”

Dr. Eric Sturm, US Principal

The chosen student speakers were John Denis Jarolimek and Shahaf Gani, who both wonderfully encapsulated the emotions of graduating. 

“Over the years, friends came and went, directors, principals replaced, the library transformed. But in all those changes I always felt that no matter what, the ISP community would stick together and adapt to anything the world threw at it.”

John Denis Jarolimek, Student Speaker
John Denis Jarolimek

“There will always be people out there who want to get you, who want to kick you down, and would strive seeing you defeated. Don’t stay down. Collect yourself, get up on your feet and stay true to yourself. It is the bravest thing you can do.”

Shahaf Gani, Student Speaker
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Shahaf Gani

We also heard from Mr. John Crane, Upper School Psychology Teacher, who shared wisdom and life lessons with the graduates. 

“Resilience is not only about coping with failure, but also celebrating our personal successes, our friendships, and the beautiful city in which we live. And most importantly, today we reflect not only on your academic achievements, but on the gift of the relationships that we have shared during your time at ISP.”

Mr. John Crane, Upper School Psychology Teacher

The nostalgic atmosphere was further enhanced by the beautiful performance of Yejun Jung on the guitar and the moving performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Mr. Jeff Penn, Ms. Elizabeth King, Ms. Lindsey Simondet, Mr. Hesham Elnagar, and Mr. Lawrence Hrubes. 

Staffan Erenmalm, the Chair of the ISP Board of Trustees, led the turning of the tassels as the Class of 2022 joined the ISP alumni family. 

The futures of these graduates are all very different; some attending schools around the world ranging from studying AI in South Korea to Law in Oxford, and others still weighing options or taking a gap year. Watch the video below to see where these students will be going!

We have no doubt that these students will continue to be Curious Competent Compassionate Changemakers as they take the next steps of their journeys ahead. 

Congratulations Class of 2022!