The Junior Curators of 2022

For over a decade, 8th-grade students have been invited to the Lobkowicz Palace for the Curator Challenge. As in years past, the project started in January where they were presented with objects from different periods of history. Since that day, they became ‘Junior Curators’ hoping to find a story their object told them about the past. On May 11th, the 8th-grade students presented their semester-long findings in the palace.

Their journey as Junior Curators was filled with student-led and teacher-supported activities in which students were able to get a glimpse into fashion, pastimes, conflicts, discoveries, and achievements from decades and centuries ago. These helped them to find links between the Lobkowicz family, Bohemia, central Europe, and the rest of the world.

Their final presentations at the Palace allowed the students to show their findings to classmates, teachers, parents, and the Lobkowicz family themselves as well. From this project, students have learned how to apply findings from the past to our present world. They have also learned invaluable skills in working in teams such as communicating effectively and being able to work through conflicts.

As well as presenting their findings with their final presentations, students wrote their final individual essays on their objects. You can see the culmination of their work in The View Of Bohemia in 10 Objects, a book compiling all of their narrative non-fiction writing.

The View of Bohemia in 10 Objects – Book

Congratulations to the 8th graders for their outstanding curation work in the Curator Challenge of 2022!