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Finding the right elective: Curious students choosing Global Online Academy courses.

ISP is a member of the non-profit Global Online Academy (GOA) consortium of schools.  GOA  has offered rigorous online courses for more than 10 years, with a mission to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society.

While ISP has a wide range of elective courses in the Upper School, some students are looking for specific learning opportunities connected to their personal interests and aspirations that are not on offer here at ISP. We are able to expand our elective course offerings available to our Upper School students through GOA’s wide range of course options.

In addition to Grade 9 to 11 students enrolled in courses this past year, we also had an ISP student take part in GOA’s very first advisory council. This new initiative was to have students at the heart in order to influence and inspire decisions and direction of GOA. Rana shares her reflections on her involvement with the advisory council. 

I think I have grown in many ways, I have most definitely improved my skills communicating with the people around me, whether physically or virtually. Being in the Student Program has allowed me to not only share my own perspective, but learn about other people’s as well. Helping find new, relevant courses for GOA students helped me further develop perspective about the world around me. A real world lesson I learned as a part of the program was that not everyone enjoys the same activities as I do, and that’s totally okay. There’s value in difference and gaining perspective helps you become more open minded in the real world.

Rana, Gr 11

Please read the reflections and get a taste of their learning from a few of our ISP Upper School students who participated in second semester classes:

International Relations

Key Project or Product: The Covid-19 Pandemic Through International Relations Theory: Realism

As I was taking a course in International Relations, having the opportunity to hear the opinions of students from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds allowed me to expand my horizons and expose myself to ideas and perspectives that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to hear. The diversity within the course is something you couldn’t find anywhere else, which is one of my favorite things about it.

Jasmine, Gr 9

Fiction Writing

Key Project or Product: The Shadow of Time

“Being able to read other students’ pieces. I loved being able to share my writing with other students in the course, everyone gave me great feedback and things to improve on that really helped me.

Sidney, Gr 9


“I really liked making the catalyst project, where we had to create our own building that accepted the SDGs I chose. Getting to know students from all around the world and learning about the architecturally significant buildings in their community and what they want to change there created a great experience for me. “

Emma, Gr 9

In addition to International Relations, Ficiton Writing and Architecture, other courses ISP students took this year included: 

  • Introduction to Investments
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Medical Problem Solving
  • NeuroPsychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Prison and Criminal Justice Systems

In an effort to make sure all students find elective options that spark or further nurture their curiosity, we hope to continue to see many students take advantage of these courses. If you / your child are interested in taking a GOA course, please read this letter for information and steps to take in order to get registered.