US Students debate at the first ISP Model United Nations Conference

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Written by Robert, Secretary General, Grade 12

The Model United Nations Club at ISP (ISPMUN 2023) is an entirely student-run club focused on learning and practising the skills of global citizenship and diplomacy.

MUN or Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate students about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. As participants in MUN, students embody delegates representing different countries and attempt to represent their views in formal debates on international issues.

In late September, 23 ISP & Park Lane Upper School students partook in 3 distinct Committees: DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee), HRC (Human Rights Committee) and UN Women.

“ISPMUN was an eye-opening experience to the robust force of collaboration. It was amazing to see so many new people coming together and spending their free time working towards resolving pressing global issues.”

Adam, President of the General Assembly, Grade 12

The ISPMUN conference contained three committees under the central theme of “Establishing Guidelines and Regulations for Technological Development and Deployment.” The organisation team, led by Robert, Secretary General, consisted of both the student secretariat and ISP faculty. The team organised the three-day conference in which students debated and reached resolutions on the following committees and topics:

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) (Chaired by Erin)

  • Creating guidelines for the development and deployment of AI-powered weapons in international conflict

Human Rights Council (HRC) (Chaired by Dara & Bennett)

  • Creating guidelines and regulations for the use of implants and foreign technology in the human body
  • Creating guidelines and regulations for the use of gene modification in humans undergoing gestation

UN Women (Chaired by Laura)

  • Ensuring access to safe and legal abortion services as a human right for women and girls

“ISPMUN afforded me the profound lessons of cooperation and a deep appreciation for the intricacies of global affairs. This experience expanded my knowledge and instilled in me a passion for MUN that could be applicable to future conferences, too.”

Erin, Chair DISEC, Grade 11

At the opening ceremony, the students (delegates) also had the opportunity to listen and ask questions to Keynote speakers such as Martin Mucha (CEO of Igluu and Key Sponsor of ISPMUN), Jan Kaminek (Human Rights and Democracy Support Expert), and Seyedreza Shokrollahi (editor at Radio Free Europe’s Persian service).

“To develop as a society, we must have the courage to always do the right thing by believing in our values.”

Martin Mucha, CEO Igluu

The students debated over 15 hours to ensure that each delegate’s stance was represented and the resolutions were equitable to all nations. Students also had the chance to debate other current (or even historical) topics that interest them. Most importantly, the MUN club is organised entirely by ISP students. The Student-Led freedom that Mr.Lamken and Ms.Harle provide is the cornerstone of why the MUN club has grown to nearly 50 active members with frequent events in which students highlight and develop their leadership abilities.

“Contribute yourself to the world.”

Tommy, Deputy Secretary General, Grade 12

“This conference has been more than five months in the making, and it was both the greatest challenge and most rewarding experience I’ve faced. I learned how to manage organisational communications, hold meetings with administration, gain sponsorships, and lead a team to create a memorable conference. I will forever be grateful for having the opportunity to lead this team, and I hope that we have laid the foundations for what is to become an ISP tradition that will continue to thrive well beyond my graduation.”

Robert, Grade 12

Thank you to Deputy Secretary General Lukas for organising the cookie breaks, Marion for operating ISPMUN’s social media platforms, Matyas for creating our placards and certificates, and Deputy Secretary General Tomas and President of the General Assembly Adam for aiding in key meetings with the administration. 

New participants are more than welcome to MUN meetings, which take place on Tuesdays after school in room 216.