Thank You: The parent community has a special message for ISP faculty and staff

Students and parents across the ISP community have given their thanks to staff from the school with a special video to mark Staff Appreciation Day.

The video contained over 100 thank you messages from ISP families with messages sent to all staff  from the Leadership team across the teaching staff to the security team, administration and beyond. 

Some of the children made cards and held them up to the camera, while others recorded messages along with parents of some of the ISP students. Some students even drew pictures and performed songs as part of their video.

Hilda Leahy, SCA Chair said:

“We know that this year in particular has been more of a challenge for staff at ISP, so we wanted to send a token of our appreciation for the hard work they have done across the board so they know that we appreciate it. The pandemic has meant teachers and all staff have really had to adapt for the last 12 months, but they have done an amazing job in the current conditions so we wanted to say thank you!”

The video messages were played on Staff Appreciation Day on Friday, April 16. Staff were also given a small gift from the SCA to thank them for all the hard work done. The day was extra special as parents and students also popped into Zoom calls on the day as part of the efforts. 

Staff Appreciation Day is something that happens on a yearly basis in the Springtime but this year due to the Covid restrictions, the celebration of staff at ISP took place online rather than in person, but this didn’t make it any less special for the teaching and faculty staff at the school.