Middle and Upper School Stretch Days – Learning in depth outside classroom settings

Stretch Days in ISP Middle and Upper Schools allow students to get out of their regular schedule and in many cases explore subject topics in more depth, take part in community building activities and field trips off the school campus.

The images above show the recent Grade 7 science and art stretch day. This interdisciplinary unit has students learning about ecology in science, painting and drawing techniques in art, with the help of visiting artist Veronika Richterová, and will culminate in student interest projects where students choose an ecology topic of their choice to present their ecology learning through art.

For the stretch day, students looked at mould under microscopes, worked on painting techniques, and developed artistic renderings of ecology. For more Middle School images, see this gallery.

In Upper School, students (pictured below along with a friend from the local forest!), were able to explore interests in a variety of areas, from drafting poems by group out-of-doors to doing a documentary analysis connected to a World War I film. An especially interesting activity was when Grade 9 students conducted an ecological investigation in our nearby forest and pond. Students are engaged in subjects in depth while learning in alternative settings. For more Upper School images, see this gallery.