Donghwa Releases Futuristic EP

Written by Liam, Grade 9, Journalism student

Launchtik, a Grade 10 electronic music producer, also known at ISP as Donghwa, released his debut EP “Cosmos”, on 28 January 2024. This EP marked a significant milestone in Donghwa’s musical career, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his bravery as he tried something he had never done before.

For years, Donghwa had crafted a variety of singles, each offering a slightly different output which has been a testament to his talent and dedication. However, Donghwa’s desire to innovate and experiment with his music comes from his bold decision to venture into the realm of EP’s.

“I really just wanted to try something different,” said Donghwa. “I drew a lot of inspiration from future bounce, future bass, and melodic dubstep.”

Cosmos is a five-song EP that combines all of Donghwa’s best work. He spends many hours meticulously crafting each track within the EP, drawing inspiration from his five previous years of experience as a producer.

Donghwa poured his heart and soul into every aspect of the production process, from the composition to mixing and mastering. While Donghwa clearly had his own vision for the project, he still needed guidance and support regarding the finishing touches. 

He utilized help and guidance from experienced producer, Mr. Josh Stewart, the theatre manager at ISP, who said:  “He (Donghwa) comes to me often for bits and bobs regarding his tracks, you know.  I taught him how to master his tracks, and he went off and did the rest on his own.”

With Cosmos now open to the world, Donghwa is already looking towards the future. 

“I have three more ideas in development,” however, he gave no further detail as “they are supposed to be a surprise and are not finished yet.”

In addition, Donghwa and Mr. Stewart have plans regarding season 3 ASAs at ISP.  “We plan to open a Music Production Club after school (most likely on Fridays) where you can just come and have fun with other artists and producers.”

And though there is no official plan yet, Donghwa is going to continue doing what he loves and enjoys in the meantime. Making and releasing music.

Check out Donghwa’s EP on Spotify or YouTube