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Annual Report 2021/22: Life and Learning at ISP

The latest Annual report highlights the achievements and accomplishments from the 2021/22 school year, including our strategic decision to become a Full Continuum International Baccalaureate School (pp. 8 – 11) and our updated mission statement to Inspire, Engage, and Empower all learners to be Curious –  Competent – Compassionate – Changemakers.

The stories in the report showcase the Life and Learning at ISP, with highlights such as:

Interdisciplinary projects across all grade levels that reflect our commitment to project-based learning and integration (pp. 22, 40);

Student Changemakers, initiating projects and acts of service (pp. 33, 46, 60);

Highlights from our visual and performing arts program (pp. 27, 38, 43);

The importance and benefits of extending learning beyond our campus walls (p. 56);

Generosity from our donors in supporting the ISP Fund and bringing the tools of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to all students (pp. 22,32, 56);

The incredible efforts of the Gala Committee to support the ISP Scholarship Program (pp. 74);

Dedication of our School Community Association parent volunteers in organizing New Family Orientation, The International Food Festival, Party in the Park, and more (pp. 63). 

We hope you enjoy reading the 2021/22 Annual Report and seeing the values and mission of ISP come to life through the photographs and stories of our community.