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War in Ukraine: Coming together to make a difference 

During a time of crisis, the ISP community unites to show compassion, hope, and respect. Over the course of the past 2 weeks, the ISP actively cooperated with a non-profit called Dignity Restoring Hope, collecting a large amount of material and financial support. Together the community made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of Ukrainian refugees currently housed in Prague.

Dignity Food and Goods Drive

From March 1st to March 11, the 8th grade and Friendship Prague came together to organize a supply drive, collecting over 40 large boxes of food, toiletries, and baby supplies. The campaign was spearheaded by Lexi, Stella, Venesa, Aytek and Oliver, just to name a few. Every day during advisory, extremely passionate and hard-working 8th graders led by Mr. Hayes sorted the donated supplies and dispatched them to Dignity. The overwhelming support of our community materialized in 20 large boxes of food, 10 boxes of baby items, and 7 boxes of toiletries.

“Lexi’s proactivity, flexibility, and detail-oriented approach were incredible! Lexi, the FriendShip group leader reacted immediately and contacted the organization Dignity, which supports refugees from Ukraine from the beginning. Within a few hours, she had exact information with the list of concrete help to concrete people coming to the Czech Republic.”

Pavlina Koukalova, ISP Community Service Coordinator

Pins in Support of Ukraine

The Multimedia team in cooperation with 5th graders produced Ukrainian flag pins. With the help of the newly established Idea lab and its curator; Dr. Perry, they were all laser-cut from wood scraps, reducing the environmental footprint, while aiding Ukrainian refugees. To date, more than 70 pins were sold amounting to a total of 25,000 CZK. You can buy the pins, alongside Friendship bracelets every morning at the Front Entrance for a symbolic price of 200 CZK.

“Team members are selling tirelessly every morning, every afternoon and they also cooperate with Elementary school students. What I really appreciate is their effort and that they are cross-sectionally working as one team!”

Pavlina Koukalova, ISP Community Service Coordinator

Middle School Bake Sale

MS Stuco led by Ms. Dadiego organized a hot chocolate sale in the MS and US lunch period from March 7 to March 11. Each jar of hot chocolate sold for 30 CZK raising a total of 2,800 CZK heading to Dignity.

“Kids to Kids”

The Elementary School sections organized a baby drive to further assist Dignity with baby and child supplies. Organized by Mr. Esteller the MS community raised over around 7 large boxes of diverse supplies.