Upper School Journalists launch ISPrint magazine 

ISP aims to be a community of changemakers–people who contribute positively to the world. This week, Upper School student journalists share why they started ISPrint and how this student-led effort benefits the ISP community. Applying what they’ve learned as writers and communicators for a relevant purpose and an authentic audience, students are motivated to contribute their time for the benefit of us all.

ISPrint is a student-led weekly newsletter that brings Upper School students and faculty the best and latest of school, local, and world events and news. With motivated student journalists and editors from six different countries, we strive to provide coverage as diverse as the team that puts it together, and in doing so hope to promote global awareness, intercultural understanding, and engagement in the school community. Also, please take a look at their first and second issues below.

A few of the group members have shared why they started this newsletter as well as the audience and purpose of their weekly issues.

Ayla – Club Leader

“Originally, Sarah and I started this club as a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project as an IB requirement. We wanted to combine both our interests and something we thought many would appreciate. The process was made so fun and exciting thanks to the group that joined our club. Every newsletter we publish is full of amazing work and effort that everyone puts into it. I enjoy the process because of the combination of diverse ideas that everyone puts on the table and the many talents that every member possesses. I know it will continue to flourish even once we graduate.”

Shaan – Editor

“In a world of information overload, I know firsthand how hard it can be to filter out credible and relevant information from the endless stream of clickbait and fake news. For that reason, becoming an editor for ISPrint was really appealing to me— not only am I able to increase my own awareness of the world around me, but I can also help do so for others, all the while fostering my academic writing skills.”

Jasmine – Writer

“After becoming a member of this club, I instantly felt more aware of all that goes on not only within the school and Prague but also in our larger global community. Having a strong passion for writing, I always feel motivated to put my best foot forward now that I’m surrounded by like-minded students. This newsletter has provided me with the unique opportunity to push my academic skill and to create something that others can learn from and find amusement in. I’m so happy to share what we’re creating with the rest of the US, and now with you, the parent community.”

Al Krotov – Illustrator

“ISPrint is a student-friendly, easy to read, but informative newsletter. It includes trivia questions, a pet wall, and weekly comics about the school, and it’s all student-made!”