Meeting COVID Challenges across the ISP Community

We are all learners at ISP. During the past nine months every one of us has faced challenges, and still we have persisted in what we know is important for learning, wellbeing, and belonging. Our ISP teachers, students, parents, and staff have been amazingly agile and continuously creative in an extraordinary time. We invite you all to reach out to others in our community to express your gratitude for the collective efforts they’ve made to stay connected, healthy, and focused on learning.

Physical Education: Please give a shout out to our amazing PE teachers and our students who are finding ways to be physically active and get fresh air, while staying within the Czech restrictions (exercising outside even in these frigid times). May they inspire the rest of us to get up, get out, and take advantage of our beautiful natural surroundings! Let’s all find moments during the winter break to rise from our comfortable chairs and step with wonder into the Czech forests.

Music: From restricted singing early this academic year to creative approaches to instrumental ensembles during distance learning, our music teachers and learners have not only reinvented the possibilities, but continue to be persistent in their efforts to perform, create, and appreciate music. Don’t miss next week’s winter break musical mix! And please give a special expression of gratitude to Dale Etheridge and Jeremy Chapman, our Middle and Upper School musicians and all of our music teachers, for the extra time and energy spent to bring this music together for our collective delight. 

Modern Languages: Learning additional languages–while learning in English and living in our mother tongues–is always a challenge for international students.  When some–or all–of the learning community must learn from a distance, advancing in every skill is an even greater challenge. Our teachers and learners have met that challenge with games, gumption, and grit. 

After School Activities: Given the insatiable interest of our students and the dedication of our activities team and coaches, activities continue to thrive at ISP. In the past two weeks, learners have been involved in everything from Model United Nations to Knitting Club, from softball to Robotics. Most recently our learners took part in a virtual Speech and Debate event supported by volunteer judges and participants from across the community. 

Recruitment: Some of you may not realize that November and December are the key months for recruiting new faculty for the following academic year. Since our greatest resource as a school is our amazing teachers, we invest a great deal of time and effort to find the best candidates from around the world. As part of the process this year, we asked candidates to demonstrate their teaching with ISP students . . . on Zoom! Not only do we get to see the tech-savviness and teaching skills of these amazing candidates, but our students can also share their own expertise and experience, letting us know how they connect with these potential future teachers. 

Staying healthy: Obviously it is only with every single individual making an effort to stay healthy and hygienic that we can continue learning and connecting as a community. Thank you to everyone, every day, for continuing with the health precautions and processes that have limited COVID on campus. Your persistent effort and care has ensured that as many learners as possible can continue to learn together on site. Thank you.