Tim Otis

Born and raised in sunny Santa Monica, California, Tim Otis‘ love of music stretches back to the late ‘70s, when he would purchase 7” vinyl singles on his way home from school. His hobby soon encompassed all aspects of his home, where he would modify all his rooms to be “wired for sound.” What started as a passion became full-time work in the ‘80s when asked to provide music for gatherings as a profession. The musical landscape then rich as Britain exploded with a cornucopia of new talent. “New Romantic” music had swept Europe but was largely unheard in suburban California. Tim provided soundtracks to many a gathering under the firm name “Natural Outputs.” Mixing tracks from =Simple Minds and more experimental acts such as Bill Nelson and Brian Eno, the result was an environmental soundscape that soothed and intrigued listeners.

In 1991, Otis founded the Acid House in San Francisco’s legendary “I Beam” nightclub on Haight Street. The Balearic “New Beat” of Belgium had mixed with London’s manically sequenced industrial music, which provided the backdrop for a decade of warehouse parties that followed after that. Tim’s contribution to the after-hours scene was prolific. Tim’s work included video and slide montages, chill room design, and soothing downtempo soundscape environments.

Tim’s move to Prague in 1995 gave birth to a new passion, radio broadcasting. Having started as a substitute on “Demon Sounds” on Radio 1, the program soon morphed into a mélange of breakbeats, trip-hop, and acid jazz hence its first name change, “Eclectica.” The show’s success prompted an expanded 3-hour prime time slot on Friday nights called “High Fidelity,” showcasing the diverse musical tapestry of all things musical. Present inspirations include Lamb, Kid Loco, William Orbit, Thievery Co. Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Fink.

“A strong percussive element is critical to successful  lounge sets,” says Otis as he settles into his 4-year residency in the Lounge at Radost FX. “People forget that challenging the listener is part of my job. I want to immerse your senses, recollect sounds and persons long gone, and journey within’ to where only the listener has been. I want to soundtrack your life!”